Physicals for all ages

If you are considering having a physical performed for your yearly checkup, a school physical for your child, or your Medicare Annual Wellness visit, we’ve got you covered! At Williams Integracare we make physicals about more than just a checklist of topics to cover. When it comes to your health, we go the extra mile to answer any questions you might have regarding your health changes or concerns.

A physical is among the most common “preventive visits” a patient should take advantage of. Annual physicals play an important role in potentially finding health problems early when treatment works best and can help keep your patients from getting certain diseases.

Other preventive services to discuss with your provider include exams, shots, lab tests, and screenings. They also include programs for health monitoring, counseling, and education to help patients take care of their own health.

Do you have a family history that puts you at risk? Do you have questions regarding changes in your life and health? Whether it’s an annual exam for males or a gynecological exam for females, we can help find potential health complications before they become critical problems. 

What's Included in An Annual Physical?

These preventative visits include an assessment of your dietary & exercise habits, a review of vaccinations, lifestyle behaviors, and monitoring stable chronic conditions. At your annual physical, you will also have your vital signs, general appearance, heart, and lungs examined. 

health history

Discussion of your healthy lifestyle behaviors and family medical history. 

vital signs
Vital Signs

Blood pressure, heart rate, and respiration rate.

general evaluation
General Appearance

Evaluation of your skin and general overall visual exterior health.

heart exam
Heart Exam
lung exam
Lung Exam
head to toe exam
Head to Toe Exam

Is My Annual Physical Covered By Insurance?

Most insurance plans cover 100% of preventative visits (a physical is a preventative visit). But every insurance plan is different, so it is recommended you reach out to your insurance company to verify coverage.

Also, in order for your annual physical to be considered a preventative visit, you must not ask the provider to address any current sickness or ailments as these should be completed at a regular office visit. The goal of an annual physical is to address and identify health issues before they become problems. 

When Should I Get an Annual Physical?

Most insurance companies will allow you to have one annual physical every 12 months. So if you had your most recent physical on March 1st, you would need to wait till March 2nd of the following year to have another. 

Does An Annual Physical Have Blood Testing?

Some patients may be asked to fast prior to their appointment if blood testing is required. This is used to measure cholesterol and other markers. 

However, not all patients will need to complete blood testing. If it is necessary for your appointment you will be notified when scheduling the appointment. 

Meet Your Provider

Many of our Sartell providers are accepting new patients and look forward to getting to know you and your family! Click the provider’s photo to learn more!


We know how important it is that your visit is covered by insurance. Williams Integracare has contracts with all major insurance companies, including Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, BluePlus, HealthPartners, Medica, Medicare, Medicaid, Preferred One, UCare, UMR, United Health Care, and more. 

Additionally, we also work with patients that use HSA cards or “sharing plans.”

If you have coverage from a smaller insurance company or insurance group, call the clinic at (320) 251-2600 and ask for the business office for more details.


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