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We are a physical therapy clinic in central Minnesota, designed to help get you back on your feet and functional with the life and hobbies that you enjoy! Our licensed and experienced physical therapists will examine, diagnose, and treat your pain or condition. Our physical therapy clinic is designed to treat patients of all ages who are dealing with pain, lack of strength and/or mobility, and return them safely to activities in their life. Whatever the cause, we are prepared to restore function, reduce pain, and enhance your movement mechanics for a better quality of life. All of our physical therapists treat the whole body, and believe that everything is connected and works together. We will address full chains of movement to get you the best long term result as quickly as possible.

Part Physical Therapy Clinic, Complete Holistic Healthcare Facility

Our holistic approach to healthcare makes us more than just a clinic of physical therapists. If your treatment program extends beyond physical therapy, we are prepared to provide you the help you need if you require additional care from our other specialties. In our hands, you will get a team of specialists, concerned with your overall health and well-being. We take pride in being the “go-to” physical therapy clinic in the St. Cloud, MN area for families, athletes, and professionals.

Are you suffering from an athletic injury, chronic wear and tear on your joints, recovering from surgery, have sustained injuries from an accident, noticed stiffness, or want to move better in general? These are signs that physical therapy is a great option for you. When the time comes to find a physical therapist near St. Cloud, look no further than Williams Integracare in Sartell.

Physical therapy helps improve and restore your physical function, movement mechanics and fitness level to make daily tasks and activities easier. Our team of physical therapists will examine you and establish a comprehensive treatment plan specific to your injury and recovery. Therapy sessions can include exercise prescriptions tailored just for you, hands on manual therapy and neuromuscular re-education techniques, cupping, instrument assisted manual therapy techniques, education, traction for you neck or low back, and much more. Our rehabilitation process will give you a plan for restoring your pain, strength and mobility, and we execute each plan with unrivaled care.

We deliver that care with a sense of urgency – because we do not think you should have to wait to begin your road to recovery.

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Brianna Hoffarth

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Specialization: Dance Medicine, Gymnastics Recovery, Foot Pain, Functional Movement, End Range Strengthening, Certified Myofascial Cupping Practitioner, High Level Strengthening for the High Level Athlete, ACL Rehab, Headaches and TMJ.

Dominic Turner

Physical Therapist

Specialization: Back Pain, Neck Pain, Post Surgical Rehab, Core Strengthening, Knee Pain, Shoulder Injuries, Athletic Injuries.

Jennifer Garding

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Specialization: Vestibular Conditions and Vertigo, Concussion, Back Pain, Neck Pain, Headaches, ACL Rehab, Core Strengthening, TMJ, Headaches, Athletic Injuries and much more!

100 South 2nd Street, Sartell, MN 56377
(320) 251-2600
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