Why am I Dizzy After Standing Up?

why am i dizzy after standing up

You can probably think of a time that you were sitting down, or laying in bed and quickly stood up. What happened next may have come across as alarming – your vision blurred and you suddenly felt light headed. You had just been feeling fine when you were laying down, what happened?

Omega-3 Fatty Acids: The Good Kind of Fats

benefits of omega 3 fatty acids

It is estimated that 68% of adults do not consume enough Omega-3 fatty acids. Commonly found in fish, omega-3’s provide many great benefits to your heart and overall health. Make a meaningful change and add omega-3s to your diet!

UV Safety Month: Staying Safe in the Sun

uv safety month july

We started the summer with an emphasis on raising awareness for skin cancer and why protecting your skin is so important. Now in the middle of that summer heat, UV Safety Month serves as another opportunity to remind ourselves of the dangers the sun’s UV rays can pose.

Making the Most of Your Fish: Health Benefits, Cooking, and What to Avoid

benefits of eating fish

March and April are among the most popular times of the year to eat fish – due in a big part to Lent. While it’s difficult to find a conclusive sales number for the entire fish industry, it seems that many retailers and restaurants report seeing roughly a 20% spike in fish sales this time of the year.

Training Your Heart: The Hardest Working Organ

hardest working organ heart

We’re highlighting your body’s hardest-working organ… your heart! Though your heart is an organ, it also works like a muscle, pumping blood through your giant system of blood vessels (over 60,000 miles long).

Boost Your Energy Without Caffeine: 4 Things to Try

boost energy without caffeine

An incredible 90% of American adults consume a caffeinated beverage each day to help them wake up and concentrate on the task at hand. While up to 400mg of caffeine per day is considered safe for most adults according to the Mayo Clinic, you still may discover benefits from reducing or eliminating your caffeine intake.

What’s the Difference Between all of the Egg Labels?

different types of eggs

The standards surrounding organic foods have changed and evolved in the past decades, but eggs take things a step farther with additional labels for free-range, cage-free, or omega-3 enriched. We will cover the basics of each of many of these labels and what the bottom line is for your health.

What Causes Salt Cravings?

what causes you to crave salt

Exercising or being outside on a hot day can cause you to break a sweat. You must rehydrate soon after that loss of fluid. When you sweat significantly, your body can begin to crave salt as a way to remind you to replace lost minerals. This is most common in people who exercise for 90 or more minutes at once time.

Why Anti-Inflammatory Foods Benefit Your Body

why anti-inflammatory foods help your health

Inflammation is part of your body’s healing process. When you injure yourself, the area becomes inflamed, turning red and swelling. While this is how your body repairs itself, it can be an issue if the problem goes on for too long. Fortunately, there are foods you can eat that have anti-inflammatory properties that can be helpful in reducing your inflammation.

Why do you get Shorter as you Age?

why do you get shorter as you age

Our body undergoes many changes as we age, among them is “shrinking” a bit. While many people consider this a normal part of aging, it is avoidable to a degree. The reasoning behind all of this may not be what you think.