Recognizing Lactose Intolerance in Children

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lactose intolerance in children

Lactose intolerance is commonly diagnosed in children between the ages of 2 and 5. This makes it crucial that parents are aware of symptoms of this dietary restriction and can work with their young child to provide a diet that accommodates their lactose restrictions. Often times this is spotted before children are beginning school and […]

Kidney Stones: Why they Occur and How to Lower Your Risk of Them

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what you should know about kidney stones

If you know someone who has experienced kidney stones, you likely have a very good idea of how painful they can be! These “stones” are formed in the kidney and can range in size from a small grain of salt to a large pearl. Depending on their size and severity, medical attention may be necessary […]

How Your Immune System Works

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how your immune system works

Your immune system is the complex protection system that is keeping your body healthy right now! The stronger your immune system, the greater your body’s ability to fight infection and protect you from falling ill. How your immune system works You probably do not think much about your immune system on a day to day […]

Tonsil Stones: The Hidden Source to Your Bad Breath

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Tonsil Stones cause of bad breath

Unless you are someone that suffered from persistent tonsil pain (and thus likely had your tonsils removed), you probably think very little about your tonsils each day. However, held within your tonsils could be the primary source of your on-going bad breath which you may rightfully be more aware of now that the smell is […]

The Connection Between Arthritis and the Weather

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Arthritis and the weather

Have you ever heard someone say “rain is coming, I can feel it in my bones.” For those with arthritis, it’s true – many really feel a connection with the weather. There have been a wide variety of studies completed in regard to this connection and the results have been inconsistent, however. What do we […]

Protect Your Neck: Keep Your Head Up

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Keep your head up protect your neeck

Neck and shoulder pain are common complaints from patients but the source of the pain at times can be caused by something as small as our cell phones. How could your little cell phone hurt you? It’s all about posture! What do the statistics say? A 2017 study of 500 university students reported that about […]

Help Stop Germs: Use Paper Towels Instead of Air Dryers

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Hand Dryer Safety

Have you ever noticed the bathrooms in our clinic use paper towel dispensers? No, it isn’t because we’ve thrown concern for the environment to the wind – rather it is an effort to keep patients safe. You may have heard that hot air dryers are a common source of bacteria – but why? After all, […]

Olive Oil vs Coconut Oil – Which is Better for You?

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Olive Oil vs Coconut Oil

Hear the word “fat” and most of our reactions are to see this as a negative, something we should avoid in our diets. Not all fats are bad – in fact some healthy fat can be part of a balanced diet. At the center of this conversation is cooking with oils which is among the […]

Arthritis: More than Just Swollen Joints

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Arthritis awareness month july

You likely are familiar with the joint pain illness that is arthritis – but July’s Juvenile Arthritis month seeks to highlight one of the many aspects of arthritis that may not be prevalent in mainstream knowledge. Though arthritis is commonly thought of as a disease for older adults, juvenile arthritis impacts nearly 300,000 American children […]