Health Benefits of Blackberries: An Overlooked Fruit

health benefits of blackberries

Blackberries may not be as popular as blueberries, but powerful fruits pack a lot of nutrition. If you have overlooked adding blackberries to your grocery list, take into account these noteworthy benefits!

While blackberry season is July through August in much of the United States, you will find them at your grocery store year-round.

How do Blackberries Compare to Blueberries?

Both berries carry similarities as well as attributes that make them unique. Both aid in digestion, fighting colds, and lowering cholesterol. This is because of the flavonoids these berries contain, much like raspberries and strawberries as well.

Additionally, both have been connected in their ability to fight cancer, Alzheimer’s, and other health complications.

This is not to say the two berries are exactly the same. Nutritional content swings in favor of blackberries with one cup of blackberries having twice the vitamin C as a cup of blueberries. There is also more vitamin A in blackberries.

What do Blackberries Taste Like?

Unlike the more familiar sweet blueberries, you will find that blackberries have a juicy but tart flavor. They are juicy because of the “drupelets” the little seeds that give blackberries their distinct look.

Blackberries are Packed with Nutrients

There are some nutrients in blackberries that could fill valuable holes in your diet.

Fiber is crucial for a good diet, popularly to promote bowel movements, but also to reduce cholesterol, manage blood sugar, and help you feel “full” after you eat. You should be eating 24 to 30 grams of fiber each day, and a cup of blackberries can yield about 8 grams alone.

The often overlooked Vitamin K is present in blackberries at a rate of about 1/3 of your daily amount in a single cup. Vitamin K has been linked to decreasing a patient’s risk for cardiovascular disease.

Lastly, manganese, which is a mineral that aids in bone development and immune system support, has about 50% of its daily recommended value in blackberries.

Mix it Up!

You should be eating about 2 cups of fruit each day. It’s not a bad idea to mix things up and pick up different fruits each trip to the grocery store. That can help ensure you are getting a varied mix of nutrients on a regular basis. Plus it’s always a good idea to try new foods, particularly fruits, and vegetables, because you may find something you never knew you would enjoy – and that could be blackberries!