Supplements to Improve Your Odds Against COVID-19

improving your odds against covid-19

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We are all engaged in a battle against COVID-19. This means washing our hands more, getting enough sleep, and staying active, among other things. Dr. Milbauer shared with us some supplements that can give you a boost to help improve your odds against COVID-19.

Supplements can play an important role in filling in gaps in your nutrition that you may be missing to get you the immune system boost you are looking for. The information Dr. Milbauer is sharing here is intended to be general, and not a specific recommendation for you personally. All of the supplements we are discussing today are available at Williams Integracare, and our providers are more than happy to discuss the details of the products with you to be sure they fit what you are looking for.

What supplements should you consider?

Vitamin C

This well-known vitamin has been studied for decades. Dr. Milbauer often recommends an aqueous form of vitamin C as this allows for you to take a smaller quantity. Vitamin C is often thought of in connection to orange juice, however, the high sugar quantity in orange juice often neglects the benefits you would receive from drinking it.

Vitamin D

Many Minnesotan’s do not receive the recommended amount of vitamin D. Because vitamin D comes from the sun, it is often difficult for Minnesotan’s to spend enough time outside in the sun, particularly in winter. This vitamin can be a great tool to help prevent your immune system from overreacting (which can actually be worse than underreacting).

Bakers Yeast (Wholemune)

This is an immune stimulator, though it is not recommended for anyone with a yeast allergy.


Believe it or not, this is literally the element silver, just in very small particles. This has been shown to be a good antiviral element. It is particularly important that you take this only as directed by a professional.

Echinacea (Imu-Stim)

This herb has been shown to shorten the course of an infection, particularly if you take it right after noticing symptoms. There is no information to suggest that you should take this daily – rather only when infected. Additionally, there is a version available called ImmunoBerry that is great for kids.

Fish Oils

Provide benefits for your brain, immune system, and anti-inflammatory response.


Contain immune enhancing factors as well as Zinc – something many people are lacking.



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