How Fasting Can Make Your Health Goals a Reality

how fasting can help you reach your diet goals in 2020

In December Eric Greene, APRN, CNP shared with our friends on Facebook how fasting could be used as a diet strategy in 2020 (full interview video below). With the giveaway now completed and the new year underway, we wanted to share some additional information on the difference fasting could make in your new year.

What types of fasting can patients pursue?

Eric commonly refers to 3 distinct types of fasting.

Time-Restricted Eating: You eat all of your calories during a pre-defined time frame. This can be adjusted to fit your schedule. Commonly those doing time-restricted eating will eat within an 8 hour window, but the maximum time span is 12 hours.

Intermittent Fasting: Though this is an umbrella term popularly used for eating each day for a specific time window it is really a 24 hour no-calorie fast that is completed once or twice a week.

Prolonged Fasting: Any fast that is more than 48 hours though some research indicates that this really takes more than 72 hours to see the positive effects of Autophagy and Organ Regeneration that you can receive from prolonged fasts.

What are the benefits?

In regard to time-restricted eating, a recent study from The New England Journal of Medicine found that eating during only a 6 to 8-hour window each day can reduce blood pressure, help in weight loss, and improve longevity in your life. Previous studies had found a positive correlation between intermittent fasting after studying a group of young men who were able to cut fat and maintain muscle while restricting the time they ate each day.

The biggest hurdle participants in these studies had to overcome was the feeling of hunger that plagued them for the first two weeks to a month after starting intermittent fasting. Adjusting the eating schedule that we have followed most of our lives is difficult but something that many patients can overcome with time.

What difference does the ProLon kit make?

The ProLon fasting kit is something we first discussed last Fall. The kit allows patients to continue eating while mimicking the effects of fasting. We gave away a pair of these kits to two patients in early January so they could take on the challenge together.

ProLon Kit Winners

These kits are something we have available for sale at the clinic and can make the proposition of taking on a prolonged fast more realistic for many patients since they will still be able to consume some calories during the 5-day span. In a technical sense the food in the box “contains a clinically tested formulation of plant-based proteins, fiber source of carbs and nut-based healthy fats that feed the cells but without triggering their food sensors.” (Read more about this).

Each day using ProLon moves the user through a stage in its process.

Fasting State –> Fat Burning –> Cellular Clean Up –> Rejuvenation –> Rejuvenation Continues on Day 5

What have studies proven regarding the success of ProLon?

Studies have been completed using the ProLon kit once a month for three months and discovered the following:

  • Decreased Weight and Body Fat
  • Maintain Healthy Blood Pressure Levels
  • Lean Body Mass Maintenance
  • Reduced Visceral Fat

What are the first steps someone should take before starting fasting?

Eric recommends starting with time-restricted eating and selecting a window of time to eat in and sticking with it. This is something he believes almost everyone could realistically be doing. Before starting a longer fast you will want to meet with your primary care provider to ensure you do not have any existing conditions that could cause complications in a longer fast.