Receive the Benefits of Fasting While Still Eating – ProLon Mimic Fasting

mimic fasting as a diet solution

We spoke to Eric Greene APRN, CNP at Williams Integracare previously about different fasting techniques. Now we are discussing a new method providers at the clinic recently had the opportunity to experience called ProLon Mimic Fasting.

You can listen to the full discussion with Eric below!

Unlike traditional fasting which restricts calorie intake all together, ProLon is actually a five-day meal kit. However, by eating only the food in the meal kit you are able to mimic the benefits of doing a traditional fast while still eating. The food in the kit is typically soups, bars, crackers and olives. On the sixth day, you transition back to your regular diet before returning to your regular diet on the seventh day.

The kits to seek to replicate the autophagy process that happens during prolonged fasting. Eric describes this as the cells becoming stressed, resulting in the damaged cells in your body beginning to eat themselves. This normally starts occurring 48 to 72 hours into the fast. When you begin eating after the five day period ends, you receive new stem cell production.

What comes in the meal kit?

Eric said the food in the kit did vary some from day to day, but primarily the food offered was bars, crackers, olives, and soups. He enjoyed the bars and the soup.

As these kits do seek to simulate fasting, he did feel hungry during the five day period, but the kit helped in overcoming the psychological struggle people face when fasting.

One the first day you eat 1100 calories through the kit and 800 calories on days two through five.

How long do the benefits from the fast last?

This varies depending on what you are trying to achieve with the fast. Eric completes a prolong fast every three months while some patients will be recommended to complete the fast more often.

Eric gives the example of someone who has diabetes and mentions they may find benefits in doing the five day fast once a month.

Who is this plan targeted at?

There are a number of people that would benefit from a fasting diet. Eric mentions those that are insulin resistant, pre-diabetic, diabetic, have elevated cholesterol, or even a healthy person. This type of fasting can be beneficial for improving longevity in anyone’s life.

Do you think you can do it?

The idea of not eating for multiple days is a huge challenge to overcome for many people. However, ProLon makes fasting a much more realistic idea as you are able to still eat these preselected foods from the kit. Talk to your medical provider about the ProLon kit and see if this meal plan can work for you!