Pancreatic Cancer Month: Know the Risk Factors

pancreatic cancer month

November is pancreatic cancer month, a type of cancer that accounts for 3% of all cancer diagnoses and over 60,000 cases this year alone. Being aware of the symptoms is crucial to early diagnosis.

Benefits of Vitamin K for Your Body

benefits of vitamin K

Vitamins A, B, C, and D get plenty of attention for good reason: they are part of the foundation of healthy eating habits. If you are eating a healthy and consistent diet of fruits and vegetables, you are already getting most or all the nutrients your body needs. 

How Allergies Affect Your Ears, Nose, Throat, and Eyes

allergies affecting your ears nose throat and eyes

If you have allergies, the changing of the seasons can be a difficult time of the year for you. The CDC estimates some 50 million people have allergies. Some of these allergies can even develop in adulthood, or change throughout your life.

The Important Role of Potassium in Your Body

potassium role in your body

When you think about potassium the first food you probably think of is bananas. The fruit has long been synonymous with potassium, but you may not be aware of what potassium actually does for your body.

Why Do Your Hands Wrinkle In Water?

why do you hands wrinkle in the water

When you are swimming or sitting in the bathtub for an extended period of time you may notice your hands and feet start to wrinkle. Some people say their hands are “turning into raisins” when this happens.

This change in the texture of your hands is an evolutionary response that humans have that serves to improve your grip. The ridges that are created in your skin can improve your body’s ability to hold or grip things while submerged in water.

What is Turmeric?

what is turmeric

Turmeric has been praised for its ability to help decrease inflammation and […]