March National Health Observances

march health awareness month

March is a busy month for national health observances. Two key organs that are often overlooked, your kidney and your colon, are highlighted this month. It is also National Nutrition Month, which is among the most universally applicable health months all year.

When Should Kids Have Well-Child Visits?

when should children have well child check ups

It is recommended that children receive regular well-child checkups to help parents stay on top of immunizations, health screenings, and a child’s overall picture of health.

February National Health Observances

february health awareness months

With Valentine’s Day taking place in February, it makes it even more fitting that it’s heart month! But there are a few more health months observed in February including Low Vision Awareness Month, Cancer Prevention Month, and Children’s Dental Month.

January National Health Observances

january health awareness month

Kick off the new year with some great national health observances. Your thyroid can impact numerous aspects of your health, and this month serves as a time to familiarize yourself with what your thyroid does and what symptoms you should watch out for. 

December National Health Observances

december health awareness months

December highlights two great awareness weeks with helpful reminders to keep you healthy this winter. Though simple, proper handwashing and getting your annual flu shot are two things that can go a long way in reducing your risk of getting ill this holiday season.

November National Health Observances

november health awareness months

November is the busiest month for national health observances all Fall. These health months highlight reminders to schedule your annual visit – because many critical health issues can be caught through screenings. They also serve as information, so you can know the signs and symptoms of health concerns that you can spot in family members. 

October National Health Observances

october health awareness month

October highlights one of the nation’s most well-popularized health observances – Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The pink-themed campaign reminds women to schedule their annual screenings. The earlier breast cancer is caught, the more successful treatment options can be.

September National Health Observances

september health awareness months

September highlights a few important health observances. Pain Awareness Month highlights the general aches and pains that affect the daily lives of millions. Helping patients solve these aches and pains by getting to the root of the problem is a key focus of the team at Integracare. 

August National Health Observances

august health awareness month

As kids prepare to head back to school, August is a child-focused month for national health observances. This month highlights immunizations and child eye health, which are two great reminders to visit the clinic and eye doctor before school kicks off.