The Liver’s Important Role and How You Can Protect It

protect your liver

Liver disease is among the many underdiagnosed diseases that if left untreated can cause serious health problems. The American Liver Foundation estimates that over 100 million American adults are living with liver disease – yet only 4.5 million had been diagnosed as of 2022.

Health Benefits of Strawberries: Tasty and Nutritious

health benefits of strawberries

They say fruit is nature’s candy. Arguably this could not be more true than it is with strawberries. Some see the fruit as a tasty snack others a dessert, one they’ll even dip in chocolate! It’s versatile and has a flavoring so often desired that it is used in the artificial flavoring of processed foods.

How Vitamin D Impacts Your Overall Health

vitamin d overall health

As Fall turns to Winter, many of us shift towards spending more time indoors. This change is brought on by the cooling temperatures and a decreasing amount of daylight.

How Stress Affects Hormones

stress and hormones

Hormones are small but powerful chemical controllers in our bodies. They travel throughout our bloodstream sending messages to our tissues and organs. Too much or too little of a hormone can cause changes in your body, and stress is just one such situation.

How Food and Diet Affect Your Skin

how does diet affect skin

The food you choose in your diet is part of the bottom line of your diet. An unhealthy diet can have negative ramifications on your health, and your skin is no different. A poor diet can increase your risk of inflammation, acne breakouts, and early aging of your skin.

What Causes Kidney Stones? How Can You Decrease Your Risk of Kidney Stones?

what causes kidney stones

If you have not personally experienced kidney stones, you likely have heard stories from someone who has. It is estimated that 11% of men and 6% of women will experience kidney stones at some point in their lifetime. While the process of passing a kidney stone usually does not result in permanent damage, it is very painful.

Health Benefits of Blackberries: An Overlooked Fruit

health benefits of blackberries

Blackberries may not be as popular as blueberries, but powerful fruits pack a lot of nutrition. If you have overlooked adding blackberries to your grocery list, take into account these noteworthy benefits!

Women’s Health Month: A Focus on Preventable Illness

womens health month

The U.S. Department of Health established May as Women’s Health Month to bring awareness to the screenings and information that women could use to improve their health. In recent years the focus of the month has also included highlighting not only physical health but mental health too.