Colon Cancer Awareness – “No-Shave November”

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colon cancer awareness no shave november

We’re continuing our series of highlighting special health awareness events in November after last week discussing American Diabetes Awareness Month. Though Colon Cancer Awareness month is actually in March, it has additional publicity in November due to the “No-Shave November” campaign. What is “No-Shave November?” The event has been a long-standing tradition, but it was […]

American Diabetes Month: Here’s What You Should Know

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diabetes awareness month

Fall is a time to raise awareness for many medical issues patients around the world experience all year long. Each Friday in November we will be highlighting one of five illnesses that have their awareness month in November. The first we will be highlighting is diabetes, an illness that impacts over 30 million Americans or […]

How Owning a Pet Benefits YOUR Health

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How Owning a Pet Benefits Your Health

Pet owners know just how important pets are to their life – but did you know your relationship with your pet goes both ways? There are a number of beneficial reasons to own a pet, but studies have indicated owning the right type of pet can be key. For those considering bringing a pet into […]

Why Shared Medical Records is Great for Patient Care

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why shared medical records are important for patients

Longtime patients of our clinic may be aware of the shared medical record system Williams Integracare uses with other local medical clinics including the St. Cloud Hospital. Though Williams Integracare is independently owned, we have the electronic record-keeping of a large clinic combined with the personalized service of a small clinic. Convenient for Patients If […]

The Importance of Chiropractic Care during Your Pregnancy

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chiropractic care for your pregnancy

Pregnancy brings about it many trips to the clinic with regular checks to ensuring everything is on track for your due date. However, taking the time to visit a chiropractor can also be beneficial during your pregnancy. Part of chiropractors’ training involves learning how to comfortably work with patients that are pregnant. Chiropractors at Williams […]

7 Outdoor Fall Activities in Central Minnesota

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outdoor fall activities in central minnesota

With last weekend’s snow, it seems like winter came early this year (before Halloween in fact). But some nicer Fall weather quickly returned, and with it an opportunity to continue some Fall traditions in central Minnesota – or maybe start some new ones! Here are just a few ideas to get you outside and active […]

The Fight Against Cancer – NFL “Crucial Catch” Program

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fight against cancer

Those that have been watching NFL games during October have likely noticed the league’s promotion of their “Crucial Catch” program. Similar to the NFL’s promotion of Breast Cancer screenings in October’s past, the “Crucial Catch” program highlights an expanded number of cancer screenings with an emphasis on early detection. This is why annual visits to […]

Stay Awake with these Quick and Healthy Foods

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healthy foods to keep you awake

When you are feeling tired the first thing many people turn to is caffeine consumption. With the bombardment of marketing around energy drinks and high-caffeine beverages, it is easy to see why this is the first solution that comes to mind. However, caffeine and high-sugar beverages are far from the most nutritious options for those […]

“Tech Neck” – How Your Phone is Causing You Neck Pain

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tips to prevent tech neck

Patients visit our chiropractors for a wide variety of reasons, from car accident recovery to simply dealing with pain that has lingered in their bodies. As we continue to spend more time on our phones, we have also found ourselves spending an increased amount of time looking down. All of this looking down is causing […]