Oral Health and Your Heart – An Interesting Connection

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Oral health and your heart

Your dentist wants you to keep your teeth healthy, and it not just because it is their intention to help you maintain your great smile. Just like your family practice provider here at Williams Integracare, your dentist is also looking out for your overall health! Studies continue to show that patients with poor oral health […]

Are Potatoes Healthier than You Think?

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how healthy are potatoes

Think of the friends you had growing up or children you know who claimed to “hate eating vegetables” (we all seem to know someone like this). Despite this, many of these individuals probably enjoyed potatoes. Interestingly we cook potatoes in so many different ways that we may even forget they are vegetables. Of course part […]

Why Multitasking Rarely Works for You

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does multitasking work

If you are a master multitasker you likely believe that your ability to juggle multiple tasks at once is saving you a lot of time. That could be, but if it is true – you’re in the minority. The majority of us are actually less productive when working on multiple things at once. How Important […]

Does Your Sense of Taste Change as You Age?

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taste buds change as you age

Have you ever found yourself saying “this does not taste as good as I remember” the first time you try a food you have not eaten in many years? Nostalgia can have a tendency to make us believe something was better than it really was if we think back on it fondly. However this might […]

Know the Facts About these Common Heart Myths

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Common heart myths

Your heart plays a crucial role in your health – because of that, it gets a lot of attention. There is a fair amount of common myths and incorrect information that surrounds your heart health. How many of these myths have you heard and assumed were true? Often times there may be some truth to […]

National Kidney Month: Here’s What You Should Know

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national kidney month

37 million people are living with chronic kidney disease. That’s why National Kidney Month each March is an important opportunity to highlight awareness for this growing problem. That starts with proper testing and knowledge to recognize what your kidneys do for you and how you can help protect them. The majority of individuals have two […]

Vitamin B12: Why it’s So Important to Your Health

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Vitamin B12 Health Information

Keep your mind sharp and body energized – if it’s been lacking, vitamin B12 could be the reason. Last year we discussed the changes in the nutrition facts label and how there had been a shift in what nutritional aspects experts intended to highlight on the label. Gone was the prominence of vitamin A and […]

Is 100% Fruit Juice Actually Healthy?

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100% fruit juice

Some say fruit is “nature’s candy.” It’s sweet but actually carries with it a nutritional value, unlike candy. When you take that fruit and turn it into a beverage, do you still have a nutritional option? The consumption of fruit juice has declined over the years as awareness spread regarding juice appearing closer to a […]

How Iron Deficiency Can Cause Hair Loss

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iron and your hair

You may remember the hair loss your parents experienced and are anticipating the same to happen for you when you reach the same age. After all, hair loss largely is hereditary. If you are losing something like 100 hairs from your head every day, this is not actually a cause for concern. However, when young […]

Eye Floaters: Why Do They Occur?

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eye floaters why do they occur

Most of us have experienced instances of small dots, cobwebs, or wiggly lines moving across our eyes at some point in our lives. The word most people use to describe these is “floaters.” These floaters are not physically on the exterior of your eyes like an eyelash would be if it fell into your eye. […]