Leukemia Awareness Month: What You Should Know

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Leukemia Awareness Month

September is Leukemia Awareness Month and in a larger sense an opportunity to spotlight all blood-related cancers. You have probably heard the news that during the current COVID health crisis, blood donations are happening at below-average rates. Many leukemia patients require blood transfusions during their care according to their care. These transfusions from healthy donors […]

Why Your Heart Should “Go Nuts” for Nuts

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Nuts are heart healthy

Nuts are high in calories and fat. That combination alone should raise some red flags as to how they could possibly be any good for you. Despite this, in recent years public opinion has begun to shift on eating nuts and positive information continues to circulate. Heart Healthy Nuts have been found to improve blood […]

Finding the “Why” in Your Chronic Pain

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Pain Awareness Month

September is “Pain Awareness Month” and a time to shine a light on the on-going chronic pain that nearly 100 million Americans experience. Pain is your body’s way of warning you of a larger issue that needs your attention. It is estimated that the United States loses $635 billion annually in productivity and medical costs […]

Protect Your Neck: Keep Your Head Up

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Keep your head up protect your neeck

Neck and shoulder pain are common complaints from patients but the source of the pain at times can be caused by something as small as our cell phones. How could your little cell phone hurt you? It’s all about posture! What do the statistics say? A 2017 study of 500 university students reported that about […]

Help Stop Germs: Use Paper Towels Instead of Air Dryers

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Hand Dryer Safety

Have you ever noticed the bathrooms in our clinic use paper towel dispensers? No, it isn’t because we’ve thrown concern for the environment to the wind – rather it is an effort to keep patients safe. You may have heard that hot air dryers are a common source of bacteria – but why? After all, […]

Understanding High-Fructose Corn Syrup

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High-Fructose Corn Syrup banner

For decades the high-fructose corn syrup found primarily in soft drink beverages (but also in other processed foods) has been labeled as a health concern. However, as new health concerns continually come to popular attention, it seems high-fructose corn syrup has fallen to the back of a lot of our minds. In fact, Google’s search […]