What is Low-Dose Naltrexone (LDN)? Answers to Patients Common Questions

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What you should know about LDN

Low-Dose Naltrexone (LDN) is a prescription drug often recommended by a number of Integracare providers for patients experiencing a variety of conditions. This prescription can be a fantastic treatment option and has been the focal point of monthly information sessions held at Sartell’s pharmacy, The Apothecary (here’s a video of January’s information session). Some of […]

January is Glaucoma Awareness Month – Here’s What You Should Know

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Glaucoma Awareness Month is January

January is recognized each year as Glaucoma Awareness Month, this age-related eye disease impacts the lives of nearly 3 million Americans over the age of 40 (and particularly over the age of 60). This month is a great opportunity to raise awareness of the risk factors and signs of Glaucoma, which can ultimately cause gradual […]

How Fasting Can Make Your 2020 Health Goals a Reality

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how fasting can help you reach your diet goals in 2020

In December Eric Greene, APRN, CNP shared with our friends on Facebook how fasting could be used as a diet strategy in 2020 (full interview video below). With the giveaway now completed and the new year underway, we wanted to share some additional information on the difference fasting could make in your new year. What […]

Carbon Monoxide Safety: Know the Signs and Symptoms

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carbon monoxide safety

The cold Minnesota winters lead to an increased need to heat our homes. Unfortunately, this also poses a risk that improperly ventilated heating devices can cause dangerous poisonous gases like carbon monoxide (CO) to seep into our homes. The good news, as you probably already know, is that your home is likely equipt with CO […]

Heart Attack Warning Signs – Know Your Risk for the Holidays

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heart healthy holidays

The holidays are an exciting time for many families around Minnesota. It’s an opportunity to see family members, exchange gifts, and share meals. However, preparing and caring out all of these activities can be stressful for those coordinating them. This increased stress, as well as other seasonal factors, can put some individuals at an increased […]

Are You Drinking More Calories than You Think?

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beverage calories

Are you planning to make a commitment to losing weight in 2020? While you do not need to wait until January to start making changes, there is one habit that could have a big impact on your success. Exercise will always be a driving component to weight loss, but a change in calorie intake can […]

National Handwashing Awareness Week (12/1 – 12/7)

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national handwashing awareness week

Washing your hands is something you do every day and multiple times a day (well, we sure hope so). Why does something so simple receive recognition during the first week of December each year? Because it saves lives! The difference handwashing can make The CDC makes this a point of emphasis after results from a […]

Epilepsy Awareness Month – What You Should Know

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national epilepsy awareness month

During the month of November, Integracare has highlighted a different awareness event each week. Now, we’ll be putting our sights on National Epilepsy Awareness Month. While November may almost be over, there is always time to recognize a diagnosis that 1 in 26 people will receive in their lifetime. Here is what you should know […]