Olive Oil vs Coconut Oil – Which is Better for You?

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Olive Oil vs Coconut Oil

Hear the word “fat” and most of our reactions are to see this as a negative, something we should avoid in our diets. Not all fats are bad – in fact some healthy fat can be part of a balanced diet. At the center of this conversation is cooking with oils which is among the […]

Build Strong Bones with Vitamin D – Here’s How

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Vitamin D Importance for your health

On paper, vitamin D sounds like one of the easiest vitamins to add to your diet – after all, vitamin D is absorbed naturally into your skin from the sun. Certain foods also contain vitamin D, yet about 42% of the United States Population have a vitamin D deficiency. So why the deficiency? In Minnesota, […]

Arthritis: More than Just Swollen Joints

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Arthritis awareness month july

You likely are familiar with the joint pain illness that is arthritis – but July’s Juvenile Arthritis month seeks to highlight one of the many aspects of arthritis that may not be prevalent in mainstream knowledge. Though arthritis is commonly thought of as a disease for older adults, juvenile arthritis impacts nearly 300,000 American children […]

Egg’s Effects on Your Health: The Positives and Negatives

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Eggs and Your Health

It’s quite likely you have a carton of eggs in your refrigerator right now. It’s a popular breakfast option and overall a good inexpensive source of protein (particularly for vegetarians). However, eggs are among a few handfuls of foods that seem to always be a topic of discussion as their health benefits come with some […]

Food for Athletics: What to Eat for Your Exercise

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Foods for Exercise Banner

Have you ever noticed a difference in your performance when exercising depending on what you ate earlier in the day? This is because the nutrients (or lack of) fuels your energy level. If you are striving to perform well in a competition or find an edge to continue improving on your personal best, then put […]

Men’s Health Month: A Focus on Preventable Illness

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Mens Health Month

You may have heard statistics over the years discussing the life expectancy of women often being five or more years longer than that of men. So why do men trail behind so significantly in life expectancy? For many men, preventable illnesses are often a threat that is not recognized early enough. Because of this, Men’s […]

How Your Sleep Controls Your Mood and Mental Health

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circadian rhythm blog post image

We all know sleep is a key building block to a healthy life. However, as Dr. Halstrom discussed in a video a couple of months ago on COVID-19 – sleep is about more than just the time we spend laying in bed. The time we spend laying in bed is called our “Sleep Opportunity.” This […]