How to Stay Healthy and Updated During COVID-19

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Covid 19 tips to stay healthy

As Minnesotans learn to handle the challenges and changes that COVID-19 poses it is important now, in particular, to focus on our health. Changes to the clinic To begin we want to mention the changes this has made in our clinic, should you be coming in for an appointment sometime soon. Our hours have not […]

How Seeing a Chiropractor Could Improve Your Sleep

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Chiropractic Care and Sleep

We all know the damage a lack of sleep can create, from poor concentration to a weakened immune system. For those struggling to get the rest they need, chiropractic care can serve as a potential means for improving the quality of your sleep. In fact, in an article from it is stated that roughly […]

The Truth About Concussions: Do Not Let these Myths Fool You

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Protect Your Brain don't be fooled by these myths

Concussions are something that can happen to any of us – whether we are an athlete or not. The winter can be a particularly dangerous time with the icy conditions both on sidewalks and the road, putting us at risk for slipping.  Since we are all at risk for concussions, it is important to know […]

American Heart Month: Know Your Risks

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American Heart Month

Every February health organizations across the country take time to recognize American Heart Month as a way to raise awareness of heart diseases. Though the first Friday in February was National Wear Red Day, there is still plenty of time this month to put a light on raising awareness for the risks associated with heart […]

A More Detailed Plate: Harvard’s Healthy Eating Plate

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A more detailed plate from Harvard university

The USDA and HHS recently released the 2020 version of their Dietary Guidelines for American’s, a publication that undergoes minor yearly updates with major changes occurring every 5 years. A major update will likely be released in a new version of these guidelines in 2021, but Harvard University has worked to create more frequent revisions […]

The Flu in February: Be Prepared with these Safety Tips

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The Flu in February: Know how to Stay Safe

The weather here is getting somewhat warmer and while spring may seem like it’s on the way (Punxsutawney Phil agrees) the flu season is not over. In fact, this data from the CDC displays the peak months where the most reported influenza cases occurred for the season. This is to say the most prominent months […]