November National Health Observances

november health awareness months

November is the busiest month for national health observances all Fall. These health months highlight reminders to schedule your annual visit – because many critical health issues can be caught through screenings. They also serve as information, so you can know the signs and symptoms of health concerns that you can spot in family members. 

Learn about November’s national health observances so you can get important reminders, and interesting facts, and make small changes for your health this month!

American Diabetes Month

The National Institute of Diabetes highlights American Diabetes Month each November to encourage individuals to make healthy choices to lower their risk of diabetes. With regular annual visits to your primary care provider, you may be able to catch diabetes early.

Fortunately, the number of new diabetes diagnoses has slowed down in recent years. Despite this, the prevalence of diabetes in patients under the age of 20 has continued to rise.

Even if you consider yourself relatively young and healthy, consider taking the American Diabetes Association’s 60-second online assessment.

Pancreatic Cancer Month

pancreatic cancer awareness month

Your pancreas helps you digest food and produces insulin. Due to the relationship between the pancreas and insulin (something diabetic patients have an imbalance of), it is fitting that this also takes place in October.

Pancreatic Cancer Month is critical for raising awareness for symptoms of possible pancreatic cancer. Unlike colon cancer, which can be screened for with a colonoscopy, there is no preventative screening for pancreatic cancer. Patients who exhibit symptoms of pancreatic cancer can be screened through a series of tests.

Symptoms include stomach pain, mid-back pain, unexplained weight loss, jaundice, loss of appetite, indigestion, changes in stool, or a recent diabetes diagnosis. If you experience any of these symptoms, speak to your provider.

Alzheimer Awareness Month

Alzheimer’s is not a normal part of aging. Familiarize yourself with the 10 common signs of Alzheimer’s so you can identify it as early as possible in a family member. With early detection, patients can benefit from increased treatment options to lessen the symptoms of Alzheimer’s though there are no current treatments to stop or reverse Alzheimer’s.

Integracare is dedicated to raising awareness for Alzheimer’s and supporting their families who often provide them care. Each month, Integracare hosts a support group for individuals living with Alzheimer’s and their families.

Lung Cancer Awareness Month

The connection between lung cancer and smoking is well-established and well-publicized. Smoking contributes to 9 out of 10 lung cancer cases. 

Lung Cancer Awareness Month raises awareness for benefits that can result from quitting smoking but also highlights those 10% of lung cancer cases are not associated with smoking.

The second most prevalent cause of lung cancer is radon gas. This odorless gas can be found in Minnesota homes and can be discovered through testing. If you have never tested your home for radon, consider doing so soon, to know if you need to take action to decrease the radon in your home.

Epilepsy Awareness Month

Epilepsy is a brain condition that can cause repetitive seizures. Epilepsy Awareness Month highlights the dangers of epilepsy because anyone can be diagnosed with epilepsy. The Mayo Clinic estimates that half of those affected by epilepsy do not have an underlying cause.

Click here to learn more about epilepsy.