March is National Nutrition Month: Here’s How You Can Make Meaningful Changes

national nutrition month

Among the number of health months in March, National Nutrition Month is the most generally applicable. Eating at home can offer you the flexibility and options to choose healthy options.

A good phrase to keep in mind as you shift your diet is “Eat Right, Bite by Bite.” This encourages you to remember that small changes in your diet can have larger impacts on your diet as time goes on.

Eat a Variety of Nutritious Foods Each Day

Varying your meals can be a great way to get a mix of different fruits and vegetables into your diet. Make an effort to try a couple of new foods each month and maybe you will find something you like! Buying this wide variety of food does not have to be an expensive endeavor either. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has a great video explaining how to eat healthy on a budget.

If you are choosing fresh food, like fruits and vegetables, you likely never see a nutrition facts label as this is most common on packaged foods. However, if you’re comparing food that is packaged with a label, learn what to look for on the label to make an educated comparison.

Plan your Meals

This can be both a healthy choice and a convenience. If you have a number of reusable dishes on hand you can create bulk quantities of foods to keep in the fridge and eat them throughout the week.

Most people find it easiest to prep their food over the weekend and store it in the fridge for eating during the week. Then during your busy week, you have healthy meals ready to microwave and eat. Planning ahead can save you money, time, and ultimately improve your health!

Learn Skills to Create Healthy Meals

Improving our cooking skills and learning a new recipe is something we have all probably attempted at one time or another. It’s never been easier to learn new recipes. From YouTube videos to recipe websites, there are plenty of free online resources to help you try something new.

Consult a Professional

Your healthcare provider or a registered dietitian can be an excellent resource to help you improve your eating habits. They can help provide you with advice on changes you could make in your diet.

The Verdict

You do not need to change your entire diet overnight, in fact, if you do you will quickly realize how difficult it is to stick to the plan. Small changes in your diet can make a big difference over the long run should you stick to the new foods.