How to Stay Healthy and Updated During COVID-19

Covid 19 tips to stay healthy

As Minnesotans learn to handle the challenges and changes that COVID-19 poses it is important now, in particular, to focus on our health.

Changes to the clinic

To begin we want to mention the changes this has made in our clinic, should you be coming in for an appointment sometime soon. Our hours have not changed and each of our core departments – family practice, chiropractic and physical therapy are all still operating.

Like many other businesses still open at this time we are making the safety of our patients the first and foremost goal. We’re cleaning more than ever and working to minimize patient’s time in our lobby. To do this we are asking patients showing symptoms wait in their cars so they can be taken directly to a room when ready. This is also an option for patients without symptoms.

Additionally, we have opened up the opportunity for medical and physical therapy patients to be seen via our virtual appointments portal. You can call the clinic to schedule these virtual appointments.

How can you stay healthy?

Dr. Halstrom makes a number of recommendations during his video (see below). These include…

  • Eat Vegetables and try to avoid processed foods: This is key to keeping your immune system strong during this time.
  • Sleep: Dr. Halstrom recommends at least 7.5 hours of sleep. There is a difference between “sleep” and “sleep opportunity.” If you plan to go to bed 7.5 hours before you are going to wake up, then your sleep opportunity is 7.5 hours but you probably will not get 7.5 hours of sleep. The larger your sleep opportunity the greater potential you will get enough sleep.
  • Avoid eating 3 to 4 hours before bed: Not eating right before bed will help you fall asleep faster.
  • Wash your hands: This has been talked about frequently as of late, but it really is important in protecting yourself. Avoid touching your hands to your face, wash your hands before meals, and even wash your hands periodically.

What about self-care?

As we spend more time inside, with less communication with our friends and family than we likely are used to, self-care becomes very important.

  • Emotional Self-Care: Be mindful of yourself during this time, try journaling, meditation or anything that allows you to creatively express yourself.
  • Spiritual Self-Care: Seek to find meaning in your life. If you aren’t working at this time that may seem difficult, but see if you can put your skills to work to help your neighbors at this time.
  • Intellectual Self-Care: Do something that makes you smarter. Consider reading a book or watching a documentary or really anything that “makes you think.”
  • Social Self-Care: Technology has broken down some of the barriers to communication that many of us currently face from inside our homes. Try video calling the people you care about to stay in contact.
  • Sensory Self-Care: Do something that engages your senses. Try listening to some music you like or burn a candle.

Where can I get updates on COVID-19?

In addition to the CDC and other well-known sources, Dr. Halstrom recommends patients check out Dr. Zubin Damania and Dr. Peter Attia. Both are great sources of information that often have the unique opportunity of interviewing other medical leaders.