What is the Purpose of Your Appendix?

what does your appendix do

Your appendix is a small finger-sized tube that is located near the area where your small and large intestines meet. The appendix is located in the lower right side of your abdomen.

Should You Wear Sunglasses Year-Round?

should you wear sunglasses year round

Sunglasses have something of a reputation for being stylish, but also functional in a meaningful way. They make it easier to see in bright sunlight and play an important role in protecting your eyes from damage.

How to Slow the Aging of Your Bones

How to Slow the Aging of Your Bones

Movement is life – that’s why our bones and muscles play a crucial role in what we do and enjoy every day. Our bones and muscles have to be well taken care of to ensure they can serve us our entire lives.

Why do you get Shorter as you Age?

why do you get shorter as you age

Our body undergoes many changes as we age, among them is “shrinking” a bit. While many people consider this a normal part of aging, it is avoidable to a degree. The reasoning behind all of this may not be what you think.

Why Do Your Hands Wrinkle In Water?

why do you hands wrinkle in the water

When you are swimming or sitting in the bathtub for an extended period of time you may notice your hands and feet start to wrinkle. Some people say their hands are “turning into raisins” when this happens.

This change in the texture of your hands is an evolutionary response that humans have that serves to improve your grip. The ridges that are created in your skin can improve your body’s ability to hold or grip things while submerged in water.

Why Do Men Go Bald?

why do men go bald?

We all have men in our lives that suffer from hair loss – maybe that person is you! The good news is […]

Why are Some People Left Handed?

why are some people left handed

It’s a right-handed world – from scissors to credit card readers to the way your ink gets rubbed when writing with a […]