How To Keep Your Glasses From Fogging Up While Wearing a Mask

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stop mask fog covid-19

Those that wear glasses are well aware of the complications that come with wearing a mask. You’ve likely struggled with your glasses fogging up as a result of wearing your mask, and the colder temperatures outside have only worsened this issue. Why does it happen? The cause for the fogging of your glasses is simple: […]

Strengthen Your Immune System With These Lifestyle Changes

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A strong immune system can help your body fight infection and keep you healthy. Last month we discussed some supplements that could help with this, and now it’s time to look at some lifestyle changes (pat yourself on the back if you’re already doing some of these). Eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables […]

Protective Masks: What’s the Difference and How Effective are They?

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Difference in Masks

It has been well-publicized that the N95 mask commonly used by healthcare professionals is in short supply. With the CDCs recent recommendation that Americans should wear a scarf or cloth mask in busy public places, it raises the question of just how effective these cloth masks are. In short, anything is better than nothing. While […]

Supplements to Improve Your Odds Against COVID-19

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improving your odds against covid-19

For current COVID information at our clinic, click here We are all engaged in a battle against COVID-19. This means washing our hands more, getting enough sleep, and staying active, among other things. Dr. Milbauer shared with us some supplements that can give you a boost to help improve your odds against COVID-19. Supplements can […]

How to Stay Healthy and Updated During COVID-19

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Covid 19 tips to stay healthy

As Minnesotans learn to handle the challenges and changes that COVID-19 poses it is important now, in particular, to focus on our health. Changes to the clinic To begin we want to mention the changes this has made in our clinic, should you be coming in for an appointment sometime soon. Our hours have not […]