Why Should You Have An Annual Physical

why should you have an annual physical

Your annual physical is a regular check-up to keep an eye on your entire picture of health. Most health insurance plans will fully cover one of these annual visits as a part of your preventative health benefits.

Generally speaking, your annual physical is an opportunity to stay up to date on your immunizations, screen you for illnesses, assess future health risks, and establish a baseline of health with your provider.

You also may feel more comfortable going to the doctor when you are sick if you already go to them once per year for your annual physical.

What do Annual Physicals Include?

Annual physicals often begin with a review of your health history. This includes your lifestyle as well as your family history. If you had visits in the past year at another facility, your provider may review this care with you as well if it is relative to your long term health.

You will have your vital signs checked at your annual physical where your provider will listen to and observe the function of your heart, lungs, blood pressure, and more.

The last major aspect of your annual physical is the head-to-toe general examination. Your provider will inspect your skin and overall visual exterior.

Can Annual Physicals Detect Chronic Illness?

The exam performed during your annual physical is not able to evaluate your risk for every serious illness, but it can be helpful in potentially catching some illnesses early on.

When your provider listens to your lungs and heart during your annual physical, they can potentially identify any abnormalities.

In some cases, you may also complete a blood test during your annual physical, which can be helpful in screening for your risks of many more health complications.

When Should You Have an Annual Physical?

Unless insurance rules for your specific policy restrict you from doing so, you can schedule your annual visit at any time of the year.

As a general rule of thumb, you should plan to have your annual physical the day after the one-year anniversary of your most recent annual physical. If you have not had an annual physical in over a year, you can complete your visit at any time.

Does Insurance cover Annual Physicals?

In most cases, yes, your insurance will fully cover the cost of your annual physical. If other topics are covered during the physical, outside of the standard exam of a procedure, you may be billed accordingly.

Depending on your insurance company, they may cover one annual physical each year, between January and December, or cover one annual physical every 12 months. Call your health insurance company for coverage information specific to your plan.

Can You Get an Annual Physical if You Do Not Have Insurance?

At Integracare Clinic, we offer cash pay prices for those interested in having an annual physical but do not have health insurance. For pricing, call our office at (320) 251-2600.

Where Can You Have an Annual Physical?

Williams Integracare and many other local clinics offer annual physicals. If you have a clinic or provider you regularly see when you are ill, consider seeing them for your annual physical. Attending annual visits with the same provider can be a great way to build a relationship with them so they remain familiar with your health.