Hormones: Understanding the Basics of What they Do For Your Body

basics of hormones

There are over 50 different hormones that regulate various facets of your body. The task of a hormone is to carry information from cell to cell throughout your body. Because the role of hormones are so impactful, yet so mysterious (considering their effects are not not visible to patients), many patients consult our providers to learn more about their hormones.

Foods for an Upset Stomach

what to eat when your stomach is feeling sick

Be it the flu or a similar stomach bug, what you eat while you are feeling ill can play a big role in how you feel as your body recovers. It’s likely you grew up being told to drink lots of fluids – this is great advice!

How Food Affects Your Mood

food and your mood

Change your diet and you can change your overall health… but can it also change your mood?

Serotonin, along with dopamine, is a chemical in the brain that influences your mood. Food you eat can actually influence your serotonin production. The most common foods that can boost your serotonin levels are carbohydrates, fish, and foods high in vitamin D.

Health Benefits of Cranberry: Why You Should Eat Them All Year

health benefits of cranberries

Cranberries are most commonly served around Thanksgiving, but transitioning this holiday side to a year-round snack can offer some surprising benefits. These little red fruits are known for their taste that’s both bitter and sour – making an ideal snack for those that enjoy the taste.

Benefits of Vitamin K for Your Body

benefits of vitamin K

Vitamins A, B, C, and D get plenty of attention for good reason: they are part of the foundation of healthy eating habits. If you are eating a healthy and consistent diet of fruits and vegetables, you are already getting most or all the nutrients your body needs. 

The Important Role of Potassium in Your Body

potassium role in your body

When you think about potassium the first food you probably think of is bananas. The fruit has long been synonymous with potassium, but you may not be aware of what potassium actually does for your body.

What is Turmeric?

what is turmeric

Turmeric has been praised for its ability to help decrease inflammation and […]