Why Your Heart Should “Go Nuts” for Nuts

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Nuts are heart healthy

Nuts are high in calories and fat. That combination alone should raise some red flags as to how they could possibly be any good for you. Despite this, in recent years public opinion has begun to shift on eating nuts and positive information continues to circulate. Heart Healthy Nuts have been found to improve blood […]

Understanding High-Fructose Corn Syrup

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For decades the high-fructose corn syrup found primarily in soft drink beverages (but also in other processed foods) has been labeled as a health concern. However, as new health concerns continually come to popular attention, it seems high-fructose corn syrup has fallen to the back of a lot of our minds. In fact, Google’s search […]

Build Strong Bones with Vitamin D – Here’s How

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Vitamin D Importance for your health

On paper, vitamin D sounds like one of the easiest vitamins to add to your diet – after all, vitamin D is absorbed naturally into your skin from the sun. Certain foods also contain vitamin D, yet about 42% of the United States Population have a vitamin D deficiency. So why the deficiency? In Minnesota, […]

Supplements and Your Health

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Supplements provide excellent opportunities to fill in the gaps of the nutrition that you may be missing on a daily basis. While it is best to get nutrients from their original sources, this is often not a practical goal for many people to do on a daily basis. This is where supplements come into play. […]

Are You Drinking More Calories than You Think?

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beverage calories

Are you planning to make a commitment to losing weight in 2020? While you do not need to wait until January to start making changes, there is one habit that could have a big impact on your success. Exercise will always be a driving component to weight loss, but a change in calorie intake can […]

Stay Awake with these Quick and Healthy Foods

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healthy foods to keep you awake

When you are feeling tired the first thing many people turn to is caffeine consumption. With the bombardment of marketing around energy drinks and high-caffeine beverages, it is easy to see why this is the first solution that comes to mind. However, caffeine and high-sugar beverages are far from the most nutritious options for those […]

5 Fruits and Vegetables to Only Buy Organic

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Buying organic fruits and vegetables is often the best option for consumers, but rarely the most cost-effective option. However, there are a handful of fruits and vegetables where you are best off sticking to the organic options due to the large difference between organic and non-organic options. Many of these fruits and vegetables are susceptible […]