How Come I Gain Weight After Losing Weight?

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weight gain after losing weight

If it has not happened to you, then it has probably happened to someone you know: after working for months to reach your weight loss goal, you find yourself gaining back the weight later on. It can feel like there is no way to break the cycle and maintain your lost weight. But why does […]

Boost Your Calcium Intake Without Dairy

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boost your calcium without dairy

Dairy products are a great source of protein and calcium, however, they do not agree with everyone’s body. Additionally, there is always an ongoing debate on how much dairy you should be eating on a given day. Why is calcium so important? Your body stores calcium in your bones and teeth. Because of this, calcium […]

Raising Your Children to Have A Healthy Weight

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healthy weight for children

Being overweight poses a number of cardiovascular and other health issues – that’s why, regardless of age, weight loss is among the most common health goals patients seek. However, the groundwork to a healthy weight starts before adulthood. Researchers have long known that overweight teens are more likely to remain overweight as an adult. Parents […]

Fermented Foods: Building Better Gut Health

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Fermented Foods

Last month we discussed probiotics role in gut health now we’ll expand this discussion a step farther with fermented foods. Because both use bacteria to create positive health results they are often confused for being the same thing. The important distinction between the two is that live organisms are not found in all fermented foods […]

Why Your Heart Should “Go Nuts” for Nuts

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Nuts are heart healthy

Nuts are high in calories and fat. That combination alone should raise some red flags as to how they could possibly be any good for you. Despite this, in recent years public opinion has begun to shift on eating nuts and positive information continues to circulate. Heart Healthy Nuts have been found to improve blood […]

Understanding High-Fructose Corn Syrup

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High-Fructose Corn Syrup banner

For decades the high-fructose corn syrup found primarily in soft drink beverages (but also in other processed foods) has been labeled as a health concern. However, as new health concerns continually come to popular attention, it seems high-fructose corn syrup has fallen to the back of a lot of our minds. In fact, Google’s search […]

Build Strong Bones with Vitamin D – Here’s How

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Vitamin D Importance for your health

On paper, vitamin D sounds like one of the easiest vitamins to add to your diet – after all, vitamin D is absorbed naturally into your skin from the sun. Certain foods also contain vitamin D, yet about 42% of the United States Population have a vitamin D deficiency. So why the deficiency? In Minnesota, […]