Ryan Granroth, DC

As a Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Granroth is committed to providing quality care to his patients and allowing them to realize their full potential by enhancing the body’s innate ability to function. Providing evaluation and treatment for a wide range of patients, he has practiced in Arizona and Michigan and has provided his services for a variety of athletes during performance events.

After practicing for a brief time in his hometown, he moved to Arizona and had the pleasure of working for an athletic-focused clinic. While there, he had the opportunity to work with the world-renowned Athletes Performance Institute by treating elite athletes of all levels including NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB, World Cup soccer players, professional tennis players, professional golfers, and mixed martial arts fighters.

Ryan returned to the Midwest and began working with Williams Integracare in 2004.

A History With Chiropractic

Dr. Granroth was exposed to the world of chiropractic care as a young teenager. He sustained a neck injury while playing football and was told that he would miss the remainder of the season. Discouraged by this, Ryan sought the advice of a local chiropractor, who with several treatments had him back on the field within a week. Dr. Granroth continued to visit this chiropractor throughout his high school years for various injuries. As a result of this, he conducted a research paper for his senior thesis about the benefits of chiropractic care.

Chiropractic Education and Experience

Ryan attended school at Michigan Technical University in Michigan for three years, before transferring to Northwestern College of Chiropractic in Bloomington, MN. During school, he continued to study with a special interest in nutrition, athletic injuries, and biomechanics. In 2001, Ryan graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic with honors.

Dr. Granroth continued to pursue his post-doctoral studies with certifications in the gold standard soft tissue treatment, Active Release Technique (ART) and has been a credentialed provider since 2000. He has also received advanced training in Kinesio taping, functional movement screening, and instrument-assisted soft tissue massage.

Life outside of work

In his free time, Ryan enjoys cycling, running, triathlons, cross-fit, and many other physical activities. His true love is spending time with his wife Danielle, and two young boys.

Since joining our team over 15 years ago, Dr. Granroth has furthered his clinical knowledge and has been a guest lecturer for the St. Cloud State athletic training program. He is currently the team chiropractor for the St. Cloud State University men’s hockey team and works closely with athletic trainers at the local universities.

Ryan has an extensive background in active rehabilitation and enjoys evaluating and treating all injuries. His areas of special interest include:

  • Auto Related Injuries
  • Workers Compensation
  • Sports Injuries
  • People who have been otherwise told to “live with the pain”
dr ryan granroth
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