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Your First Physical Therapy Appointment

What all goes on at an initial physical therapy appointment? At Williams Integracare, we begin each day with rounds. This allows all the providers regardless of specialty to be present as we discuss our daily patient load. When we discuss patients new to physical therapy, we garner a little background from the other providers who've seen the patients, be it chiropractic or family practice, whomever the referring provider is. When we see the patient for the first time, we ask for the history of the injury, and whether a specific instance or accident caused it, or if it's chronic pain that's developed and increased over time. Also included in the first appointment are some baseline tests to determine capacity of strength, range of motion, any movements that are restricted. This allows your therapist to determine the amount of therapy you need, as well as intensity and duration (once a week, three times a week, etc) to get you fully on your way to rehabilitation. Tune in as Dominic Turner DPT explains what else you can expect as a new physical therapy patient. 

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