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What to Expect in Your Physical Therapy Initial Evaluation

Your initial physical therapy evaluation will differ slightly depending on your reason for coming in. All physical therapy visits will start with a discovery conversation to learn more about the pain you’re experiencing, what might have caused the pain and what your health history is. It is a good idea to take some time to think about your issues before coming in to Williams so you’re prepared to talk about your past medical issues and what activities cause pain. Being as specific as possible with your Physical Therapist (PT) is key – even if you’re not sure if a past injury pertains to your current one, it’s good to let them know. After answering some questions, your PT will do an assessment, checking your range of motion to determine muscle tightness, pain or restrictions. They will also assess your strength to help differentiate weak and strong muscles and pinpoint where the pain is coming from and where strength building is needed. Because of this, some patients experience light pain or soreness after their initial evaluation. After you evaluation, a PT will give you some at-home stretches to continue your healing and strengthening process. Click to listen to PT, Dominic Turner explain what else you can expect at your physical therapy initial evaluation.

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