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Though we wish it was possible, not all injuries are preventable – many of them are ‘flukes’ that you can’t stop. However,when it comes to athletics, there are a variety of ways to ensure you are using the proper muscles and strengthening your body so that should an injury occur, you are able to bounce back and heal. If you experience any feelings of pain or weakness before your sports season starts, or as the year progresses it’s always better to err on the side of caution and have things checked out. A regular sports physical is always a good rule of thumb to follow! Have your pain assessed and evaluated as soon as you feel it, doing so will help increase your chances of stopping any possible damage before it progresses into something serious. When an athlete is injured they often begin to overcompensate by using other muscles improperly in efforts to help the damaged ones, which can be hard on your body. Click to listen to Doctor of Physical Therapy, Brianna Hoffarth explain what muscles you can strengthen to help prevent injury, and what exercises you can do before an event to really warm your body up.

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