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Summer Safety for Kids

During the summer months, there is huge increase in injuries among children. One of the most common injuries is a concussion – usually a result of a bike injury. Ensuring your kid has a helmet (and one that fits properly), as well as adjusting their bike seat and handlebars to the appropriate fitting is extremely important. There areinstances where children can sustain a concussion with a helmet, but wearing onegreatly reduces the chances. Also common from falling off bikes, gym equipment, or rollerblades are wrist and knee injuries. Make sure wrist guards and knee pads are being used!Wrists are broken very easily upon impact, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. We hear a lot about proper skin care in the summer, but it is important to mention – don’t forget to use sunscreen often, and with a high level of protection. Last but not least – please make sure you’re practicing proper water safety with children, and always using a life-jacket. Tune in as Doctor of Physical Therapy Nichole Roiko gives some great summer safety tips for kids, as well as what you can do if an injury occurs.

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