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Student Athlete Shin Splints

Lower extremity pain like shin splints and ankle issues are what we're seeing in the clinic already after school just started. Perhaps students took it a little too easy this summer, or injured themselves in summer camps, leagues, or captains' practices. Shin splints are very common, and sidelines a lot of athletes. If left untreated, shin splints can cause a stress fracture of the tibia bone. Parents aren't sure what to do with their kids when they present with this pain. But, it's serious and can be treated easily if it's early in prognosis. At Integracare, we have physical therapists and chiropractors who can work together on those muscles. Acupuncture actually can really help with shin splints. The first thing we'll do is take a look at the feet, to see if there is distortion, twisting, or unevenness that puts pressure on the muscles in the shin.You can save your season if you come see us now. Tune in now to hear Michael Milbauer DC explain how best to treat shin splints.  

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