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Chiropractic care is often boxed in to back painneck pain, headaches, and injury care; this sells the power of chiropractic a bit short. Especially with flu season on the horizon, it is good to be familiar and well-versed in care options that will help you feeling your best. There are a lot of different types of preventative care for germs and seasonal illnesses. A few things to always keep in check are your nutrition, stress-levels, and hours of sleep and rest.  Decreasing your sugar and fat levels and increasing the amounts of fruits and vegetables can help you build up a strong immune system. Another great preventative measure is to take vitamins or supplements – like Vitamin D – especially here in Minnesota; we recommend 5,000 IU a day, and even more when you’re feeling under the weather. Vitamin C is also good, but can affect your digestive system if you overuse it. Also make sure your body gets a winter tune-up and get adjusted so everything is functioning as best as possible. Listen here as Dr. Michael Milbauer, doctor of chiropractic, talks about staying healthy during flu-season. 

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