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Post-Surgical Outpatient Physical Therapy

At Williams Integracare, our Physical Therapists keep pretty busy, especially with post-surgical patients who are working on their recovery and rehabbing their bodies. After surgery, patients typically get a referral from their surgeon or doctor to begin physical therapy (PT) treatment. Physical Therapists at Williams work hard to communicate with doctors and surgeons to follow guidelines or requirements to develop a healing and strengthening routine for patients. Most commonly, our Physical Therapists see patients after shoulder surgery, knee surgery, hip surgery, and most common – low back and neck surgery. While most care is done post-surgery, some patients are seen both before and after surgery. When you come in for post-surgical treatment, your strength, pain and range of motion will be assessed and various pain control practices (ice, heat, electric stimulation, or ultrasound) will also be implemented. Tune in as Doctor of Physical Therapy, Nichole Roiko, explains how we create PT routines and convenient, manageable treatment.

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