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Picture-Perfect Posture

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Your mom was onto something when she told you to sit up straight. Not only is slouching unattractive, it can also cause other unhealthy habits. Our body is designed to be aligned from head to toe. Poor posture is an indication of stress being improperly distributed on your muscles and ligaments. Over time, this stress can lead to fatigue, strain, back pain, and headaches.

The first step to better posture is knowing what is correct. And, posture takes practice. The more awareness you have of your standing, sitting, or laying down, the better habits you can develop to correct and balance your spine. If you’ve been slouching, your muscles have been trained to stay in the hunched-over position. Yoga, stretching, exercising, and supportive footwear are just a few things you can do to encourage proper posture. If you’re sitting at a desk, adjust the height of your chair and computer monitor. Use a bag or backpack with wide straps to evenly distribute the weight being carried. Consider a book stand to give your neck a break. And, hold your mobile devices a foot away from your body, at chest height. Tune in as Dominic Turner, Physical Therapist provides more tips to picture-perfect posture. 

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