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TMJ or jaw pain can come from many, many different causes – the muscles in your mouth may be tight and not working correctly, you may have decreased motion and mouth movement in the jaw, or experience clicking or popping in your jaw. If you have clicking or popping in your jaw it may be a sign that the disc in your jaw may be compromised and malfunctioning. Your jaw is built to last, not wear out, but sometimes when it isn’t working properly it can causes severe pain and irritation. As with any pain, it is best to come in as soon as you feel something going on – the longer you wait, the harder and longer it can be to fix and treat the issue. Surprisingly, posture has a lot to do with jaw pain and so does stress and tension in the muscles. Tune in as Brianna Hoffarth, Doctor of Physical Therapy explains different exercises, stretches, resting positions and treatments to help your jaw and mouth feel better.

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