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Mechanical Traction for Patients

For over five years, Integracare has had a spinal traction table in house and it's contributed to the wellness and recovery of countless patients.  Spinal traction is a treatment used frequently by physical therapists at Williams Integracare Clinic. It is a process using controlled force to help draw apart the spinal joints, reducing the compressing forces on your spinal structures. At Williams, this treatment can be done manually, or using the spinal traction machine. People with herniated discs, neck pain or lower back pain are great candidates for traction. The main benefit is eliminating the need for surgery. Traction is very beneficial to stretch the space, increasing the space between the vertebrae, which decompresses the nerve, and prevents nerve damage. Prevents long-term nerve damage, too. Tune in to hear the rest of Brianna Hoffarth, DPT segment on mechanical traction.

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