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How PT Keeps Dancers Kicking, Leaping, & More

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Treating Dancers isn't just part of Doctor of Physical Therapy, Brianna Hoffarth's job - it's one of her passions. Brianna grew up dancing in Central MN and knows first hand the strength needed and strain possible on the body and muscles of competitive dancers.

Winter is here, and that means dance team competitions are coming; Brianna understand, dancers train a lot - up to 15 hours a week and competitions weekend after weekend. Dancers train fast and hard - they don’t like to sit out and and often push through training and preforming. Physic therapy can help strengthen and relieve pain in areas that need more support. Flexibility and stability are crucial and Doctor Hoffarth can help zone in on those areas to make sure dancers have what they need and feel their best.

Physical therapy for dancers isn’t just reactive, but also proactive. Many dancers can go through strength training and preventative care to offset any potential injury or strain. Hip muscles, flexers, and core strength are all crucial to safe, healthy dancers - especially when it comes to movement and strength. Don't wait until you have to sit out - come see Doctor Brianna Hoffarth and be at your best.

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