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How to Eat Healthy & Feel Better

With the over-saturation of media messages about how to live a healthy life, making changes to your lifestyle can be overwhelming and difficult. We believe there are a key few elements that can help you begin to feel better, stronger and healthier over time. First, stop smoking. Aside from lung damage and other common illnesses it can cause, smoking constricts blood vessels, and less blood flow to your tissues causes more pain in your muscles and body. Second, exercise! You don’t have to go from no exercise, to 2 hours every day. Start small and do what you can, when you can – any exercise is better than no exercise. Last, and most common – eat healthier. Do your best to decrease your sugar and carbohydrate intake. The more you can eliminate from your diet, the better your body will begin to feel. Our bodies crave it, and it can be hard to control – we get that. Make small, realistic changes so that over time you begin to form habits for a healthier life. Listen here as Dr. Ryan Granroth explains how a healthy, varied diet, multivitamins, and diet-fads play a part in helping you feel better.

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