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Hip Mobility: More Than Stretching

The hips are essential to your body's whole movement. Often, people won't even realize how tight or immobile hips can affect the low back, knees, and even ankles. Stiffness and lack of full range of motion can lead to pain elsewhere in the body, so it's important the hips receive the stretching and strengthening they need. If you sit at a desk all day, you likely have tightness through the front of your hips. Most of the time, people will acknowledge tight hamstrings are hampering other body movements without realizing their hips are too. The front of the hip isn't as identifiable as an area of concern. When you squat or bend over, you should be doing so with your hips, not your lower back. This practice offers lumbar stability which is important to spine health. Exercises like squats, lunges- both side to side and front to back- will increase hip flexibility. Laying on your back and "bridging" your torso by lifting your pelvis and butt off the ground will target the front of your hips. Marching in place with high knees also is effective. If you have concerns you can't address at home, schedule an appointment with us.Depending on your insurance company, you might be required to see a chiropractor or MD before receiving a referral to physical therapy. Regardless, we'll take good care of you and you'll get the treatment you need. Tune in as Nichole Roiko, Doctor of Physical Therapy, explains how healthy hips lead to a healthy spine.

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