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Foot Strike Mechanics

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In today’s Dr’s In segment, Jared Eickhoff, Doctor of Physical Therapy is talking about foot strike mechanics with running. Do you know the placement of your foot when it hits the ground affects where the force travels up your leg?

Dr. Eickhoff shares the three types of foot strikes. They include:

  • Rear Strike – in this pattern, the heel hits the ground first, and puts force on the hips and knees. Runners with hip and knee issues may want to refrain from this type.
  • Mid-Foot Strike – with this impression, the foot lands flat on the ground, putting stress on calf and ankle.
  • Forefoot Strike – the force of this strike is on the balls or tips of your toes, reducing stress on the hip and knee. This method then transfers to the calf muscles.

It’s important to determine which heel strike is appropriate for your body. A simple change from one strike to another can be a game changer to your running game. As with any training plan, change should be done slowly and evaluated often. 

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