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The DMR Method – The What, Where, When and Why’s

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Collaborative care has always been at the foundation of Williams Integracare Clinic. Due to our continued focus on improving patient care and outcomes, we strive to provide undivided clinical attention, thoughtful service, and the most advanced care available. We view a collaborate approach to health and healing as the most success method for addressing individual health needs with a caring and healing environment. And, because of all of these reasons and more, we've added the DMR Method as a potential treatment option at Williams Integracare Clinic. 

The DMR Method is a proven, research-based system of evaluation and treatment for neck and back pain. It stands for: Diagnose, Manage, Rehabilitate. The DMR Method is a non-surgical method of care.

There are three category levels of care with the DMR Method, which include:

  1. Limited – treats basic conditions of pain (typically shorter, less frequent visits)
  2. Progress – treats the main conditions of pain
  3. Advanced – treats major injuries

Listen as Doctor of Chiropractic Tyler Huberty talks about the DMR Method in more detail, and find out if you could benefit from this treatment option.

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