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Caring for Your Shoulder During Summer Fun

There is always an increase in shoulder injuries when the weather is nice, as everyone is more active. Common shoulder injuries include rotator cuff strains, to bicep tendonitis, and many more. Oftentimes, individuals can’t even tell they’ve damaged their shoulder. Because the shoulder is a very complex joint, it is always a good idea to do some strengthening exercises before jumping back into your summertime sports and activities. The shoulder requires a lot of different muscles, tissues, nerves, and bones to work together in the right way so that you stay pain-free; when there are inconsistencies in strength and ability, you’ll start to damage this important, complex joint. Contrary to what you may have been told, you should never try to work through shoulder pain – if you’re uncomfortable or have pain, stop doing whatever it is that makes your shoulder hurt! Some damage happens gradually over time from repetitive movements or incorrect healing, and other injury come on quickly from a specific instance. Getting the proper care from a professional and beginning to properly strengthen and heal is vital to a healthy shoulder. Click to listen as Doctor of Physical Therapy Brianna Hoffarth explains how to care for your shoulder during physical activity, and what to do if you begin experiencing pain.

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