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Auto Accident Injuries

The weather in central Minnesota this time of year increases the risk for injuries to occur as a result of accidents. This includes falling outdoors, as well as traffic accidents due to inclement weather. The human body is built for deceleration- think of how the body braces for a jump off the bed of a pickup truck. Your muscles will tense up to cushion the joints- your body's natural response to impact. In traffic injuries, especially if you're rear-ended, your body doesn't have the chance to brace itself against the impact. In collisions, the vehicles involved act like cue balls on a pool table. The second vehicle will receive the first vehicle's momentum. While late model vehicles are made with more and more durable materials to prevent great amounts of damage during accidents, the interiors don't offer much of an environment to absorb the energy of the crash. Your body takes the brunt of that design. Often times, people will decline medical attention immediately after the crash insisting they're uninjured. Physically, it might appear that's the case, and injuries or symptoms will present days or even weeks post-accident, like stiffness, headaches, sore joints and ligaments, reduced mobility. The state of the damaged vehicle should never be a consideration regarding your physical damage either, as it has no bearing on what your body will experience as the result of a crash. A totaled vehicle might not generate any injuries to the passengers; a vehicle with a minor dent or scratch may leave the passengers with devastating injuries. Each collision is completely different. If you do end up in pain post-crash, it's imperative to make an appointment. Often physical medicine will be the key to recovery, and this can include physical therapy, chiropractic, injections, rehab, and even electrical therapy. While surgery is possible as a means to repair damage suffered as a result of an auto accident, the odds are unlikely. Seeking medical attention sooner versus later can aid in avoiding surgery if issues are attended to as soon as possible. Individuals who've endured an auto accident are given priority in appointment scheduling. Tune in as Michael Milbauer, D.C. explains the impact auto accidents has on your body, and the importance of seeking medical attention as a result. 

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