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About Runners Knee: Stretches, Causes & Treatments

Runners Knee, known in the medical world as ‘chondromalacia patella’ is the one of the most common causes of anterior knee pain. This pain comes from a softening of cartilage behind or under the knee that often causes irritation or pain during or after physical exercise. Runners knee is not a pre-existing condition, but something that develops over time. It can be caused by impact, injury, overuse of the knee, or repetitive movement. The main cause of runners knee is the mal-tracking of the knee; if you have a muscle imbalance your knee may start to track to the side and cause excessive wear. If you have a dull achiness in the front of the knee and behind the kneecap, you may have runners knee. Other common signs are if your knee creeks or catches, it may mean that your kneecap is no longer smooth. Dominic Turnerdiscusses various treatments and causes to help with your runners knee pain.

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