The Truth About Concussions: Do Not Let these Myths Fool You

Be concussion aware

Concussions are something that can happen to any of us – whether we are an athlete or not. The winter can be a particularly dangerous time with the icy conditions both on sidewalks and the road, putting us at risk for slipping. 

Since we are all at risk for concussions, it is important to know concussion symptoms as well as the truth regarding the many common myths that circulate around concussions. Williams Integracare has multiple physical therapy providers that have received specialized training for treating concussions.

If you believe you have suffered a concussion, getting the proper testing and treatment from a licensed professional will go a long way in improving your recovery.

There is a lot of misinformation around concussions and the way someone should react when they suffer a head injury. We’re here to cut through that misinformation and give you the facts!

Myth: Concussions can only be caused by a hit to the head.
Fact: A hit to the body or the head can cause a concussion. A whiplash type effect can occur, resulting in movement in the brain causing it to make contact with the side of the skull (like seen here).

This can occur regardless of if the head has been hit or not. In fact, this is commonly how a concussion will occur during a car accident or sudden braking situation – even if the head does not make contact with the steering wheel.  

Myth: You must be knocked out to have suffered a concussion.
Fact: This old myth is simply not true. While being knocked out is a symptom of a concussion, you can sustain a concussion and experience other symptoms, without a loss of consciousness.

Football fans will know many diagnosed concussions that happen to NFL players do not result in a loss of consciousness as they do walk off the field with the training staff after. 

Myth: It takes 7 to 10 days to recover from a concussion.
Fact: Recovery times for concussions can vary depending on the individual and trajectory, or trajectories, the concussion occurred at (there are 6 possible trajectories, of which you can experience multiple at once).

Myth: Every concussion should be treated the same way.
Fact: At Williams Integracare we believe every concussion should be treated as a unique incident and we refrain from using a “one size fits all” treatment method. After all, there are multiple ways a knee may need to be treated depending on the injury, so why treat the brain in just a single way?

This approach helps us ensure we are able to see the patient as an individual and ensure they reach their recovery goals. 

Myth: Once you have suffered one concussion you are more likely to suffer another.
Fact: Patients have a minimal risk of suffering another concussion as long as the first concussion is treated properly. The increased risk of a second concussion, sometimes up to three times the risk, occurs because of a lack of proper treatment or recovery on the initial concussion. 

Management of your concussion by a trained HCP is critical in promoting recovery.

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