The Fight Against Cancer – NFL “Crucial Catch” Program

nfl crucial catch fight against cancer

Those that have been watching NFL games during October have likely noticed the league’s promotion of their “Crucial Catch” program. Similar to the NFL’s promotion of Breast Cancer screenings in October’s past, the “Crucial Catch” program highlights an expanded number of cancer screenings with an emphasis on early detection. This is why annual visits to your provider are so important!

What does this program mean for you?

Working with the American Cancer Society, the NFL has released an online information tool called The Defender. This online program (which you can access on your computer or phone) asks you a series of simple questions to gauge your cancer risk and give you some personalized health tips. You should not consider this program a replacement for a traditional annual visit, but it is still a valuable online resource that you can make use of right now.

What can you do?

The next time you see the “Crucial Catch” program discussed on TV, consider setting up an annual visit to check on your health. For those looking to contribute to the mission of the American Cancer Association, they are always accepting donations through their website or are currently offering NFL “Crucial Catch” apparel for sale with profits going to the American Cancer Association.

When should you act?

Regardless of the attention that cancer screenings receive in October, any time of the year can be a great time to strive for a healthier lifestyle. Understanding the causes of cancer can help you lower your risk, thus the American Cancer Association provides great online resources for year-round education.

Additional Resources

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, the National Breast Cancer Foundation offers a number of online resources that you can find here.

To learn more about the American Cancer Society monthly missions you can see their full calendar here.