Brianna Hoffarth, DPT

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Brianna Hoffarth is passionate about helping her patients feel their very best. Brianna is a Dance Medicine Specialist, in addition to treating a wide variety of other ailments for her clients.

Brianna’s first love and passion for dance became evident when she started dancing at the age of 3, and she is thrilled to fulfill her life-long dream of incorporating her love for dance into her physical therapy practice! Brianna is an injury prevention advocate for dancers and dance coaches throughout the state of Minnesota.

She enjoys working with these artistic athletes to balance out their incredible flexibility with adequate strength. Her main goal is to allow dancers the ability to continue participating in their beautiful sport, with the least amount of pain as possible, while avoiding missing any valuable practice time or competitions of the sport they love. 

Dr. Hoffarth is also fluent in treating a wide variety of total body injuries and ailments in patients of all ages. She is also a foot specialist and does provide casting and prescription for custom foot orthotics. She enjoys working with motivated individuals, and feels a great sense of pride when she helps them improve and get back to the activities they love most.

Dr. Hoffarth is a 2009 graduate of the Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences Physical Therapy Doctorate program. Prior to receiving her Doctorate at Mayo, she completed her Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science at St. Cloud State University. Brianna is currently working toward her Orthopedic Clinical Specialty Certification through the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), and continues to take courses on all aspects of the human body, pertaining to physical therapy.

How She Found Her Passion for P.T.

Brianna’s participation in dance was one of the influential experiences that lead her to the field of Physical Therapy. Throughout her time as a dancer Dr. Hoffarth struggled with chronic shin splints and ankle sprains due to flat feet, which introduced her to the world of physical therapy. Brianna’s favorite class in high school and college was Human Anatomy, and she also had a strong interest in athletics, fitness, and the one on one care that PT offers. All of these interests, combined with her natural eye for movement and mechanics, made physical therapy a perfect fit!

Dance Medicine Credentials

  • 29 years of dance experience
  • Clinical internship in Chicago working with professional dancers of the Joffrey Ballet Company, the cast of Wicked, and other Broadway productions on a daily basis
  • Brianna has a dance vocabulary, is able to speak the language and also assess the body mechanics associated with all dance skills that are leading to the diagnosis
  • Dance Team Consultant and Injury Prevention Advocate
  • 3 Time Speaker for the MN Association of Dance Teams on Dance Injury and Prevention
  • 3 Time Speaker for Just For Kix Summer Camps on Dance Injury and Prevention
  • Takes yearly classes on Physical Therapy Techniques for Dancers
  • Currently working on developing free screenings for dancers prior to their competitive season
  • Former Assistant Varsity Coach of the Sartell Sabre Dance Team (Including one High Kick State Championship, three 2nd Place Finishes and one 3rd Place Jazz Finish)
  • Former Just For Kix Instructor 
  • Former Tech Tigerette, St. Cloud School of Dance and Kay Marie and Carol’s Dancer

Brianna goes above and beyond to make herself available (including many local competitions and shows) for her dancers so they can dance and compete without worry

Outside of the Clinic

Dr. Hoffarth is also active in the central MN community. Brianna was the Assistant Coach for the Sartell High School Dance team for eight years, during which time they won a state championship and several top place finishes. In her free time, Brianna enjoys spending time with her family at their cabin, working out, gardening, and reading. Brianna also likes to cook, using mainly fruits, veggies, and protein, to complement her clean eating goals.

Brianna is able to use various manual therapy skills, exercise, taping techniques, and modalities to treat a wide range of hip, knee, foot, ankle, spine, shoulder, and neck impairments of all age groups.