Goosebumps: Why they Occur and What they Mean?

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goosebumps how they work

Ever notice the small bumps that can temporarily develop on your skin? Often called “goosebumps” the origin of the name is as literal as it sounds – they feel very similar to goose skin. Goosebumps often occur as a result of emotions. In some instances, this can be brought on alongside a fearful reaction while […]

Recognizing Lactose Intolerance in Children

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lactose intolerance in children

Lactose intolerance is commonly diagnosed in children between the ages of 2 and 5. This makes it crucial that parents are aware of symptoms of this dietary restriction and can work with their young child to provide a diet that accommodates their lactose restrictions. Often times this is spotted before children are beginning school and […]

Kidney Stones: Why they Occur and How to Lower Your Risk of Them

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what you should know about kidney stones

If you know someone who has experienced kidney stones, you likely have a very good idea of how painful they can be! These “stones” are formed in the kidney and can range in size from a small grain of salt to a large pearl. Depending on their size and severity, medical attention may be necessary […]

How Your Immune System Works

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how your immune system works

Your immune system is the complex protection system that is keeping your body healthy right now! The stronger your immune system, the greater your body’s ability to fight infection and protect you from falling ill. How your immune system works You probably do not think much about your immune system on a day to day […]

Tonsil Stones: The Hidden Source to Your Bad Breath

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Tonsil Stones cause of bad breath

Unless you are someone that suffered from persistent tonsil pain (and thus likely had your tonsils removed), you probably think very little about your tonsils each day. However, held within your tonsils could be the primary source of your on-going bad breath which you may rightfully be more aware of now that the smell is […]

How Come I Gain Weight After Losing Weight?

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weight gain after losing weight

If it has not happened to you, then it has probably happened to someone you know: after working for months to reach your weight loss goal, you find yourself gaining back the weight later on. It can feel like there is no way to break the cycle and maintain your lost weight. But why does […]

How To Keep Your Glasses From Fogging Up While Wearing a Mask

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stop mask fog covid-19

Those that wear glasses are well aware of the complications that come with wearing a mask. You’ve likely struggled with your glasses fogging up as a result of wearing your mask, and the colder temperatures outside have only worsened this issue. Why does it happen? The cause for the fogging of your glasses is simple: […]

National Handwashing Awareness Week (12/6-12/12)

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Handwashing Week 2020

Washing your hands is something you do every day and multiple times a day. It’s been emphasized now more than ever! Why does something so simple receive recognition during the first week of December each year? Because it saves lives! Handwashing and COVID-19 Proper handwashing has been key in slowing the spread of COVID-19, earlier […]

Boost Your Calcium Intake Without Dairy

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boost your calcium without dairy

Dairy products are a great source of protein and calcium, however, they do not agree with everyone’s body. Additionally, there is always an ongoing debate on how much dairy you should be eating on a given day. Why is calcium so important? Your body stores calcium in your bones and teeth. Because of this, calcium […]