It’s Tick Season: Here’s How You Can Stay Safe

tick season safety

From May to October are some of the nicest months to be outside in central Minnesota. But it’s also tick season. You may think ticks are just around from Memorial Day to Labor Day, but the season can actually start earlier (and run later) than many realize.

Do Stress Balls Relieve Stress?

do stress balls work

You may find it difficult to believe that a foam “stress ball” could have any impact on your stress. But for some people they can be a great tool.

What Makes Salads So Healthy?

what makes salads so healthy

In 2023 the packaged salad market was a $11.16 billion industry in 2023. It’s widely known that salads are a great choice for a fresh meal. What nutrients and health benefits make salads such a popular choice?

How Does Diabetes Affect Your Heart?

diabetes and heart health

Diabetes and high blood sugar can negatively impact your heart and cardiovascular system. Diet and exercise are very important for managing your risk of heart disease.

How Does Diabetes Affect Feet?

diabetes and foot health

Diabetes can negatively affect many aspects of health including your toes, feet, or legs. An estimated 80% of lower-limb amputations in the United States are the result of diabetes.

Thymus Gland: What Does it Do and Why is it Important?

thymus gland

The thymus gland trains a special type of white blood cell, called T-lymphocytes or T-cells for short. These T-cells enter your blood and are dispersed to organs in your lymphatic system (like lymph nodes) where they can be used to fight disease and infection as part of your immune system.