7 Items You Touch Every Day that are Full of Germs

7 common surfaces for germs

Germs are all around us – that’s no secret. However, beyond the obvious things, there are plenty of items we touch every day that are covered in germs! These are all objects you will want to clean at home this weekend after you read this!

1. Sinks

You wash your dirty hands in the sink so it only makes sense that sinks (handles included) are often very dirty even if their chrome surfaces do not show it. It is not just your bathroom sinks either, kitchen sinks can be very dirty as well. To counter this problem in public restrooms, it is often best to turn on the water with your arm or a paper towel.

2. Shopping Carts

This one received a lot of attention in the last few years as some stores have moved towards providing cleaning wipes for customers to use to clean off the cart handles. However, this is not something you can expect to find at all stores, so carrying cleaning wipes of your own to clean cart handles is a good idea.

3. Restaurant Menus

The laminated menus you reference when ordering at restaurants are filled with germs. Some restaurants do make an effort to clean these, but at many locations, it is not done often enough. Think twice before placing the dirty menu down on the table and consider washing your hands sometime before your food comes.

4. Computer Keyboards

One thing that is often overlooked when it comes to cleaning your home is your computer. Not only are they susceptible to pilling up dust behind them, but the computer keyboards are subject to gathering germs. With the small gaps between keys, this is a common spot for crumbs and dust to get caught. The keys themselves are not any better, as your hands are constantly touching them.

5. Your Phone

So many of us touch our phone countless times throughout the day. The germs on our unwashed hands transfer to the device and make your phone by far one of the most disgusting things you own – and many of us do not even think twice about it.

6. Light Switches

Like door handles, light switches are touched multiple times per day yet rarely are cleaned. Watch out for the light switch in your bathroom. Touching it immediately after washing your hands could cover your fingers in germs after you just washed them.

7. Pet Bowls

This one is more for your furry friend. We wash our plates after using them, so why do most of us not clean your pet’s bowls every time before we fill them? Because pet bowls are covered in germs it may be a good idea to clean these each time you fill their food.