Integracare Billing is Going Paperless and is Now Available on MyChart

mychart paperless billing

MyChart now uses paperless billing for all patients with MyChart accounts. Bills will be sent to your email associated with your MyChart account.

This also means Integracare patients can now pay their bills via MyChart if they would like. 

If you would still like to continue to receive a paper bill in the mail, follow the instructions below or speak to our staff at (320) 251-2600. Staff can update you to paper billing if you would like to continue receiving a paper bill in the mail. 

If you have never used MyChart before and do not have an account, you will continue receiving paper bills and do not need to take any action. 

Turn on Paper Billing With These Steps

1. Log into MyChart here

2. You will see a pop up on your screen stating “Paperless Billing” – click the green “Opt – Out” button.

3. Click the red “no thanks” button

4. You will receive a message stating that “you will continue to receive paper bills in the mail”

Have any questions? Give us a call and our staff can sign you up for paper billing if you would like.