Prevent Dry Hands Caused By Washing Your Hands

prevent dry hands

Frequent hand washing can cause your hands to become dry and cracked, which creates openings for infections. Striking a balance between effective hand washing and managing your dry hands is important for staying healthy year-round.

Health Benefits of Asparagus

asparagus health benefits

The United States is the largest importer of asparagus worldwide, accounting for about 65% of all worldwide asparagus imports. Despite this, asparagus is among the least popular vegetables eaten by Americans.

Pros and Cons of Tap Water

tap water

You drink a LOT of water in a day. The simpletest way to get that water is right from the tap, the choice for 71% of Americans. Learn about how tap water is tested as well as its pros and cons.

Health Benefits of Cucumbers

health benefits of cucumbers

Americans eat over 8 pounds of cucumbers every year according to a 2022 report. How many cucumbers have you eaten in the past year? Most Americans have eaten more pickles than cucumbers in the past year.

When is the Best Time to Get a Flu Shot?

when should you get a flu shot

Having an annual flu shot is a great pre-caution to help protect yourself from the seasonal flu. That poke when getting the shot may be uncomfortable, but so are the facts around the dangers of the flu.

What Does the Color of Your Tongue Mean? 

what does the color of your tongue mean

Your tongue serves an important role in making everyday life easier for humans. The tongue makes it easily possible to move food and drinks around in your mouth. Besides the obvious benefits, your tongue’s color can also be a visual indicator for other health concerns.

What are Chia Seeds? Explore their Health Benefits

what are chia seeds

Remember those greeny hairy ceramic figures called “chia pets?” Those contained real chia seeds – a healthy seed that makes a great addition to a smoothie, salad, or countless other foods. Not only can they be grown indoors without soil (no ceramic figure needed) you can even just buy them at the grocery store.

Should You Wear Sunglasses Year-Round?

should you wear sunglasses year round

Sunglasses have something of a reputation for being stylish, but also functional in a meaningful way. They make it easier to see in bright sunlight and play an important role in protecting your eyes from damage.

The Liver’s Important Role and How You Can Protect It

protect your liver

Liver disease is among the many underdiagnosed diseases that if left untreated can cause serious health problems. The American Liver Foundation estimates that over 100 million American adults are living with liver disease – yet only 4.5 million had been diagnosed as of 2022.

Health Benefits of Strawberries: Tasty and Nutritious

health benefits of strawberries

They say fruit is nature’s candy. Arguably this could not be more true than it is with strawberries. Some see the fruit as a tasty snack others a dessert, one they’ll even dip in chocolate! It’s versatile and has a flavoring so often desired that it is used in the artificial flavoring of processed foods.