A Better Recovery: How Chiropractic and Physical Therapy Work Together

physical therapy and chiropractic care together

Williams Integracare provides holistic healthcare treating patients with our medical, chiropractic, and physical therapy departments. While many patients may see just a single department, such as a medical provider for a sore throat or a chiropractor for a regular adjustment, these departments frequently work together for more complex patient cases.

Finding you the right answer

Patients come into our clinic with a wide variety of aches and pains. Often times when a patient sets up an appointment it’s in response to pain they are suffering. However, the patient may not fully understand the source of their pain and thus they may not make an appointment with the department that is best suited to help them.

With the three specialties at Williams Integracare, it is easy for patients to be referred to the specialist that can offer them the best care. In many cases, it takes a team to provide you the best care.

The difference between chiropractic and physical therapy

Those that regularly see a chiropractor know the benefits of the adjustments that are made each visit. For those recovering from an injury, visits to a chiropractor can help in adjusting your body to its proper form.

However, in some cases, the patient’s pain not only comes from poor alignment but from improper use of muscles or a lack of strength in some muscles. In order to retrain your muscles and build strength during your recovery, some chiropractic patients will also be recommended to see a physical therapist.

Chiropractic care uses adjustments while physical therapy uses movements – both working together can positively contribute to your recovery.

Car accidents

Car accidents are a common reason patients will see both chiropractic and physical therapy. During an auto accident, there are usually a number of body systems involved, some of which do not produce obvious symptoms. Consulting a chiropractor and physical therapist can help you properly identify the injured body systems.

Another concern following a car accident can be a concussion which our physical therapy department is well equipt to evaluate at our clinic.