Learn more about your health! Select a topic below to discover how your body functions and what you can do to improve each aspect of your health with lifestyle changes. 

Your heart is your body’s hardest working organ, pumping blood through your system of over 60,000 miles of blood vessels. In total, about five liters of blood are circulated throughout your body. 

You consume food and it makes its way through your intestinal tract to your gut where it is broken down so its nutrients can be delivered to the rest of your body via your blood stream.

Your immune system is activated when your body encounters a new antigen (the viruses, germs, or bacteria that are invading your body) invading your body. 

At birth, your body has about 300 bones! By the time you reach adulthood, you have 206 bones as a result of smaller bones fusing together. Our bones serve to both support our body’s movement as well as protect many of our crucial organs.

The typical American diet is popularly portrayed as very unhealthy. Plenty of us personally work to prove this trend wrong through our own healthy eating habits, there is always room to improve your food choices. 

Get a Clear Picture of Your Health

One of the best ways to understand your current picture of health is to schedule an annual physical with your provider. This visit can be completed once per year and is covered under most insurance plans. 

An annual physical is a head-to-toe assessment of your health that can play a crucial role in receiving personalized health recommendations and catching diseases early. 

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