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Why Shared Medical Records is Great for Patient Care

why shared medical records are important for patients

Longtime patients of our clinic may be aware of the shared medical record system Williams Integracare uses with other local medical clinics including the St. Cloud Hospital. Though Williams Integracare is independently owned, we have the electronic record-keeping of a large clinic combined with the personalized service of a small clinic.

Convenient for Patients

If you have ever switched medical clinics before you likely know how much of a hassle it can be to have your records transferred to another clinic. The process of filling out release forms to transfer records can make changing clinics a hassle.

Many of our new patients in the St. Cloud area enjoy the easy process of visiting Williams Integracare. With our combined record system with the St. Cloud Hospital and other local clinics, the Integracare providers have easy access to the new patients’ previous medical records if they have been seen in the St. Cloud area before. All without signing a release form!

Additionally, our Integracare patients that are seen at the St. Cloud Hospital have their Integracare treatment information easily available to those at the hospital. This shared information simplifies the process for patients and lets them put their mind on their medical concerns, not paperwork.

Better Record-Keeping

These shared patient records go beyond medical care. Our chiropractic and physical therapy providers also use the same medical records program, meaning their appointment notes are available to medical providers. This is a unique distinction very few other local chiropractors or physical therapists can provide for their patients without the need to transfer the information.

Easy access to this additional information can be valuable to medical providers both at Integracare and the St. Cloud Hospital as they create a treatment plan for you.