What is Holistic Care?

holistic care at williams integracare

If you are familiar with Williams Integracare you have likely heard us describe ourselves as a “holistic care” clinic. So, if you have never been to our clinic before and are debating making the switch from a traditional clinic to Integracare the phrase may have left you curious as to what this could mean for you.

In a simple explanation, holistic care is treating the entire body. You have one body and we seek to provide one place for all of your treatment – at any stage of life.

How do we do this?

We staff 10 providers in the specialties of family practice, chiropractic, and physical therapy. Our teams work together to create the best possible care solutions for you while minimizing the need for you to be referred out to another clinic.

When you are working with multiple providers at multiple different clinics your schedule becomes busy. Plus your appointments consist of summarizing what a provider at another clinic told you. Our providers stay on the same page with your care by working together under one roof in a way that is streamlined.

What if I do not have a serious injury?

Not all of our patients make use of all of our services simultaneously. Many see us when they are ill, or on routine visits such as chiropractic adjustments or annual physicals.

You will find comfort in knowing what specialist you could see if something would arise.

What other unique services does our holistic care clinic offer?

As part of our goal to treat the whole patient, we offer natural solutions that may not be found at all traditional clinics. Acupuncture from our chiropractors is used as a way to relieve pain. Plus we offer a variety of supplements to help our patients live their healthiest lives. We are open to providing natural treatment options to patients that are interested in this.

What common issues do people go to our holistic care clinic for?

As mentioned, plenty of patients come to our clinic with the intention of making use of just one of our services.

However, those that experienced auto/sports/work injuries or are considering surgery receive tremendous benefits from what we have to offer. Before making the decision to have surgery, talk to us! Combining chiropractic and physical therapy could put you on a path to recovery that eliminates the need for surgery. If applicable our Platelet Rich Plasma procedure could be a great surgery alternative as well.