What is ChiroHealthUSA? Helping Save Patients Money on Care

chirohealth usa at williams integracare

We know not all of our patients have insurance coverage, and even if you do have health insurance, it may not provide any coverage for chiropractic visits. This is why our clinic offers the ChiroHealthUSA (abbreviated CHUSA) program.

It is essential to recognize that CHUSA is not an insurance plan rather it is a health membership program that gives you access to discounted prices on your chiropractic visits.

Think of it like a membership to Costco or Sam’s Club. You buy into the membership to receive access to discounts.

How much does ChiroHealthUSA cost?

A one-year membership costs $49 per year and covers you and your dependents. You can sign up and further inquire about how much you can expect to save on each visit by speaking to your chiropractor or talking to someone in our billing department at the clinic.

Who is eligible for ChiroHealthUSA?

Everyone! However, CHUSA can not be used in addition to your health insurance for your chiropractic visit. If you do not have health insurance or the health insurance you have does not provide any coverage for chiropractic visits, then CHUSA can be used.

For more information on ChiroHealthUSA, visit the FAQ section on their website or speak to one of our staff members. They will be able to better answer your questions about the membership.