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When you’re ready to begin strengthening and healing it is important you find a Physical Therapist that is committed to you and your specific issue. If you’ve sustained an injury, you may be participating in an outpatient physical therapy program. At Williams Integracare, our St. Cloud MN Physical Therapists work hard to teach you exercises you can do at home, with every-day materials – not ones that require complicated, expensive equipment. They are focused around being realistic and convenient to you. There is an important balance between completing your exercises and stretches at home, andseeing your Physical Therapist regularly to ensure you’re doing those routines correctly. Compliance is important; the best way to feel better, stronger, and healthier is to participate in exercises. At Williams Integracare, we work hard to educate patients early on so they understand their prognosis as well as their treatment plan and process. Everything is individualized to your ability, your injury, and your body. Physical Therapy is about moving at the individual’s speed, so you can heal properly. Listen here as Physical Therapist Dominic Turnerexplains how Outpatient Physical Therapy works and why it might be the best solution for your pain.

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